Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 21 March 2024

Who is Donald Trump, the Fake Billionaire? – He is the Biggest PSYOP that the Deep State Ever Created

With the Republican candidates giving each other good competition, suddenly all the candidates got on board the bandwagon in supporting Trump with the exception of Nikki Haley who is just another deep state PSYOP anyway, placed to give the illusion of competition. So now the people don’t have any selection other than the same two idiots from the last presidential race. Even though other candidates had strong support, the cord being pulled shows that it was all theatrics from the beginning designed to give the appearance of other candidates. Fake billionaire Trump is no stranger to bravado, from inflating his own net worth, to doing slop jobs for clients while they commended him for a marvelous job. He even has done showy work solely for impressing others in hopes to get a deal with Holiday Inn as he mentioned in his book, The Art of the Deal –

“What the bulldozers and dump trucks did wasn’t important, I said, so long as they did a lot of it. If they got some actual work accomplished, all the better, but if necessary he should have the bulldozers dig up dirt from one side of the site and dump it on the other.”

“A little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion.”

Co-author Tony Schwartz, said,

“The Art of the Deal” was a phrase that came out of my mouth 30 years ago as a way for Trump to write an autobiography he didn’t have. It was a fake marketing idea, not a reality. I regret it every day of my life. Yesterday he put a final nail in the fantasy I helped to create. — Tony Schwartz (@tonyschwartz) January 26, 2019

Trump also has shared that he built his company from a million dollar loan that his father gave him to start his business, yet blew it off like it was a small amount to start with getting into real estate. One million back in the day was indeed a lot, and with his connections / networking, it was virtually a guaranteed success. However, reports say that Trump actually received many more millions than he previously let on. Still, Trump is the not the savvy businessman that he is portrayed to be as he has filed bankruptcy multiple times and received millions to bail him out of trouble, including funding his campaign. Some of these donors are Las Vegas Sands, Walt Disney Co, McMahon Ventures, Hendricks Holding Co, and Geosouthern Energy.


Not Anti-establishment

It’s just one big country club, and Donald Trump is part of it.

Michael Savage in his book, The Political Zoo, mentioned Trump and how in his own words described how his company would do sloppy work building for clients and yet they would praise him for doing wonderful job. Yet later, Savage endorsed Trump for president, and although he has been critical off and on of Trump’s actions, he will still vote for him despite several troubling facts have arisen about him.

if Trump really was the anti-establishment, he would have never brought in warmonger John “Bomber-man” Bolton, Paul “Punk” Ryan, deep state Nikki Haley, and Rex Tillerson who had investments in green tech. Trump didn’t drain the swap, in fact he made it worse. He didn’t actually disarm North Korea, but instead he made friends with a guy who repeatedly threatened nuclear attacks, and now has greater capability to do so. Additionally, Trump wanted to increase the military budget when it was unnecessary and now the military has the lowest recruitment rates with the with rumor has it that they want to bring the draft back. They’re also taking in anybody, particularly dumb illiterate illegal immigrants whose first language is not even English. It’s all done to destroy the cultural integrity of the United States, and Trump’s outrageous claim of building a wall with Mexico paying for it never happened. It didn’t even make any financial or logical sense, but people still blindly followed.

In one term, Donald Trump spent what Obama did in two.

And let’s not forget Trump’s many unfulfilled promises. He previously said that if he became president, he will get a special prosecutor to look into the Hilary Clinton email situation. Later however, he didn’t want to hurt the Clintons.  He also said during a speech that the whole “lock her up” theme plays great before the election, now it nobody cares.

So you had a president who admitted he said a lot of things just for winning the election. Trump stated that he was against globalism then later he said that he’s both a nationalist and a globalist. This is the same guy who is running again for office, and if you pay attention to any of his recent interviews, particularly on Fox News, Trump is completely delusional with reality. He stated that he built the wall and that it was success. However, Mexico did not pay for it nor has the immigration problem been remedied from this. Many of the questions asked to Trump were replied with “I don’t know”. 

Big Pharma bounced back from years of profit loss thanks to Trump and Fauci’s Operation Warp Speed which shortened the vaccine development timeline. Trump recommended the untested, unproven, experimental, gene-editing injection to a lot of people, even those who did not want to get it.

This is your top Republican candidate, so if you think you’re going to get anything different by voting for him you are severely misled.

But still so many people continue to support him even the so-called independent voices, new agers, and “spiritual” people. They blame that it was swamp who ruined Trump, and prevented him from making the country great again. They still just don’t get it.

Donald Trump was and is an actor just like how he and Vince McMahon, orchestrated a theater called the “Battle of the Billionaires” for wrestling entertainment. Ari Emanuel, who owns both the WWE and UFC, was Trump’s agent as he wanted to get into Hollywood, so it’s not wonder why both organizations supported Trump. Lately, more light is being shed on Trump’s plan to integrate Big Tech and usher in a digital ID system that will be implemented virtually everywhere. However, Big Tech already rushed in during his presidency in using biometrics to track anyone who enters or leaves the country.

Trump went from claiming to be against the swarm to becoming part of it, but the reality is he was always part of it. So it doesn’t matter whether he wins or loses, because either way the country is going to be divided. It’s been setup that way purposely to initial civil war, so martial law can be justified by the government.

It’s time to wake up and stop getting duped by celebrity personalities.


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