Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 27 November 2023

Whether Donald Trump Wins or Loses, The United States Will be Divided Either Way

If Donald Trump doesn’t win, America will be divided. And not just in terms of political beliefs, ideology, etc., It really will become divided. You will see red states split from the country, where state governors may declare the country as corrupt, and in a state of emergency, they will enact a power move never before seen in the nation, where they will justify Trump’s loss as reason to split from the rest of the country. They will say that it’s been hijacked by enemies, foreign invaders, etc., and then basically grab even more power in their respective state. Now, some may think this is good, like a conservative state branching away from the rest of the country and doing basically whatever they want. However, you will see a new kind of tyranny, a far-right tyranny, ultra-Conservative / Republican regime, with a heavy religious accent. Conservative states will also likely be hit with more “natural” disasters.

As good old Abe Lincoln said, power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Of course, this will likely encourage other states to also split. California, specifically Silicon Valley, has been very clear about their desire to separate from the rest of the country for years. Silicon Tech giants will basically live like moguls, and that will be the end of America as we know it. It will morph into a place where you just have super-rich, specifically those born into wealth, rich families, and tech giants. Silicon Valley will just demand more tech slaves, cheap tech slaves that is. So if they split, they will give easy access and citizenship, or at least a pathway to live in their country to foreigners. As they’ve been outsourcing, they will continue to do that, but they will basically bring them, house them, and make them work twenty four hours a day for menial pay.

Likewise, the ultra-conservatives, will initiate a new kind of tyranny where academia will be like another kingly entity on its own. It will become a militarized society where hard work slavery will be forced upon people, and only those who produce are deemed as worthy. If you don’t give value, that is, if you don’t make the rich richer by working, then you’ll be deemed a lazy person, a moocher, and thrown into the factory to work.

So 2024 is an important year because, we will see whether Trump is elected again. If he wins, they’ll be splitting that could perhaps be remedied, but if he doesn’t, they’ll definitely be a division of the country. But it’s a double-edged sword because if he wins, still, there may be a split, a division in the country because his presence in the race has separated the country like never before. Globalists want to transform America into Europe with smaller countries, and an overall weakening of the nation.

It’s time for everyone to see the bigger picture, and look through the curtain of charades. The real people in power are pulling the string behind closed doors, and if people don’t awaken from their slumber soon, they’ll lose everything they took for granted and fall into the deep dark depths of third-world disaster.

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