Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 22 July 2023

AI Generated Reality is Being Purposely Unleashed to Further Perpetuate the Global Call for “Decentralized Attestation of Humanness”

Computer generated news, robot journalists, articles, “blogs”, etc. being spread all over the cyber world is a ploy to purposely make human beings question the narrative. And more importantly, it is being done to make everyone distrust news sources, companies, politicians, television, and even reality itself. It is all part of the organized plan to present a solution which would require mandatory decentralized attestation of humanness just as it has already been recommended in the article titled, Generative Language Models and Automated Influence Operations: Emerging Threats and Potential Mitigations. The authors clearly state how increasingly easy it is becoming to generate low cost content that can be misleading. AI generated actors can perform scripts written by anyone utilizing available software that allows them to distort reality. Hackers can use AI to stage fake events, news, people, and even official reports. This could potentially jeopardy national security along with many key infrastructures that hold the economy and social integrity in place. Because of this, stricter measures are required to mitigate the expected threats and cyber attacks that are likely to unfold in the upcoming AI-powered digital age. The proposed solution to null all such attempts at distorting reality is to require mandatory attestation of humanness for virtually any kind of computer activity.



5.4.2 Platforms Require “Proof of Personhood” to Post
Current policies regarding social media usage range from not requiring any form of registration to re-
quiring that accounts be affiliated with real names and unique email addresses, and, at times, requiring users to submit “video selfies” for proof of personhood.187 However, any of these approaches can be cir-
cumvented by malicious actors: they can register many “burner” email addresses to create fake accounts
and hire inexpensive labor to complete proof of humanness checks.

Platforms could, however, more uniformly require higher standards of proof of personhood in order
to verify that content is not being produced by an AI and reposted to their sites. This could involve
requiring more reliable forms of authentication when users sign up for an account, for instance, by
asking a user to take a live video of themselves posing, or asking for some alternative form of biometrics.
Alternatively, platforms could require users to occasionally pass tests to demonstrate humanness before
posting content; these tests could either be administered randomly, at periodic intervals, or when a
particular user is posting at a high volume. CAPTCHAs are one way to demonstrate humanness in this
way; however, a determined adversary can cheaply circumvent them. Outside of tests, another proposed
approach includes decentralized attestation of humanness.188


Some of the authors in the study have interesting bios that people may want to consider before adopting their proposed solutions –

Josh A. Goldstein – researcher “at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET).” “Studies the effects of foreign interference on democratic societies, and explores how emerging technologies will impact the future of propaganda campaigns.” Provided briefings to the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of State, and senior technology journalists.

Matthew Gentzel – involved “in Longview’s nuclear weapons policy.” Previously worked on “how advancements in AI may influence operations, nuclear strategy, and cyber attacks”, and worked, “as an analyst in the US Department of Defense’s Innovation Steering Group, and as a director of research and analysis at the US National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.”

Renée DiResta – “Research Manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory, and investigates the spread of malign narratives across social networks, and assists policymakers in understanding and responding to the problem.” “She has advised Congress, the State Department, and other academic, civic, and business organizations, and has studied disinformation and computational propaganda in the context of pseudoscience conspiracies, terrorism, and state-sponsored information warfare.”

Katerina Sedova – also “worked for Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET), and the CyberAI Project. Most recently, she advised Sen. Maggie Hassan on cybersecurity and technology policy issues and drafted key legislation as a TechCongress fellow with the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.” “Previously, she published research and advised projects on disinformation, state-sponsored information operations and OSINT for the NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence, the Department of State and the Department of Defense.” “She started her career at Microsoft, where she led engineering teams in the security, networking and performance components of the internet browsing platform.”

Decreased online anonymity along with possible violations of human rights are both downsides that were acknowledged in the study. However, as the authors themselves stated, more studies need to be conducted. So the idea has been presented in requiring more sophisticated extreme forms of control to decrease the incidences of AI-generated deepfake attacks attempting to mislead or harm. Now, the door has been opened as others can explore many paths in “how to solve this AI problem”, even though the problem itself has been unleashed by Big Tech itself.

These authors have been actively working on reducing “conspiracies”, and information warfare. And there is clearly a bias towards the democratic party, and studies are being done on how the AI technology will supposedly be used to impact political campaigns. But they have not provided the criteria on what defines “pseudoscience conspiracies, terrorism, and state-sponsored information warfare.” What defines AI-influenced political propaganda against the democrat party, and how will this be addressed?

It has already been stated that AI will play a big part in distorting the next upcoming presidential election in the United States. Time will tell to what extent, and how the corrupt regime will blame AI propaganda to justify their illegal activities.


Censorship Needs to be Stopped

Fake “fact checkers” such as NewsGuard have already attacked independent alternative voices such as Michael Savage, The Epic Times, and Breitbart demanding that they respond and prove their content with sufficient evidence. MintPressNews had detailed NewsGuard’s attempts to censor indie news platforms. These self proclaimed “fact checkers” have automatically positioned themselves as authority figures and are acting as if they are part of the government.

Cybersecurity is already playing a much bigger role in society than ever previously thought. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected to grow at a much higher rate compared to other professions. Companies, banks, and education institutions are adopting stricter standards in student, employee, and client relations. Everyone now is required to use a two-step verification process to sign into their accounts, giving their phone number and in some cases, their physical likeness via fingerprints and ID card / facial scanning. Others require more such as retinal scanning and bio-imprints at facilities demanding high levels of security.

During the pandemic, students were forced to go online and be subjected to monitoring, facial identification verification, and also for their home test-taking surroundings. This is the just the baby-step in what the corrupt evil government is planning which is a global surveillance that allows decentralized approved entities such as banks, businesses, corporations, medical clinics, tax collectors, education institutions, and alike, to enforce mandatory human verification systems that will require people to prove they are real.

Dating apps these days have already implemented a verification system for users to prove they are real where they have to make funny faces and silly gestures to prove humanness. This will eventually become mandatory for using all apps and all computer-based applications, and possibly beyond, under the guise of preventing unauthorized access by non-human entities.

It is imperative that this nonsense stops now and people do not fall for the lies. They must not succumb to this Soviet-style militarized digital tyranny where people can’t even access simple technology because they need to “prove” that they’re human.

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