Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 5 March 2023

“Fact Checker” NewsGuard (Employed by Big Tech) Attacks Michael Savage and other Independent Alternative Voices While Favoring New York Times, LA Times, CNN, Media Matters who Peddle the Mainstream Narrative

Claiming to be set on ending online misinformation, NewsGuard has essentially declared cyber war against all who do not parrot the mainstream narrative. The agenda demands obedience and anyone who isn’t with the program is being investigated by this petty organization that is actually employed by Big Tech under the guise of operating as a “neutral” third party to fact check when their real purpose is to spread lies.

Among their list of sites that spread “misinformation” are as follows –

  • The Federalist
  • Breitbart
  • Michael Savage
  • The Epic Times
  • Fox News
  • WikiLeaks
  • RT News
  • Prager University

What exactly is it about these sites that prompted NewsGuard to put them on their list of hate?

Take Michael Savage for example. A former popular TV and conservative talk radio host, Savage has made the point that at least five ice ages came and left the earth way before the industrialization of human beings. Therefore, planetary changes cannot be entirely blamed on human activity. Also, Big Science is corrupt and it’s all about what gets funded with federal grants. He has also blown the whistle on Big Pharma in the past and how the effectiveness of vitamins and minerals have been suppressed because it financially disrupts drug and surgery profits. And he has been critical of the planned pandemic and fake vaccine push while the mainstream went along the false narrative.

Savage warned that the “Woke” mafia will go after the religious in the new year with the intent to remove religious freedoms.  He has also been vocal against the transgender drag shows being child sexual abuse which is a federal, state, and local crime. The goal of the “Woke” is to destroy family, military, God, and individually liberty.

No Discourse?

What is so wrong with having a different view? We already see that in the medical/healthcare professions with those who do not want to perform gender altering surgeries, but are viciously attacked, some even losing their jobs. And now, NewsGuard, the self-declared so called “fact checker” of misinformation is attacking independent voices.

Savage, calls NewsGaurd a “neo-Soviet” organization for trying to destroy right-wing media. NewsGuard made several attempts of pressuring Savage’s ad agency to drop his podcast. Their reasoning was because they didn’t agree with statements made about the coronavirus, the COVID vaccine, climate change being a hoax, and other topics. Macrina Wang of NewsGuard emailed Savage to which he replied to cease.

Newsguard is using psychological warfare by trying to turn “misinformation” into a “national security threat.” With its ties to Silicon Valley, NewsGuard wants to have its rankings of news sites installed on all commercial computers, including libraries, schools, and phones. They claim to track misinformation on the internet, but the reality is they are the ones spreading it while attempting to silence free speech.

In an interview on Breitbart, Savage mentioned, “As you well know, NewsGuard is in bed with Big Pharma and funded by Big Pharma through third parties.”


MintPress is another alternative news site attacked by NewsGuard where they received cleverly framed emails designed to but the receiver on the defense so that they have to justify their publishing. Their claim of being a “news rating agency” doesn’t justify their questioning demanding that prove their position just because the organization doesn’t believe in it.

It appears that any online content that does not align with pro-establishment and pro-war views are subject to deletion as the United States government and big corporation plan to silence alternative speech on the internet. And funny enough, NewsGuard rated The New York Times, CNN, and other mainstream media channels as legitimate.

As Jamie Fly let slip, the deletion of anti-establishment/war voices on social media was just the beginning, the end goal is to silence all independent platforms and label them “misinformation”. If this is done, then the next step would be to use this as justification to shutdown websites that the government and billion-dollar corporations feel are inappropriate.

This demonic beast known as NewsGuard, and all other phony “fact checkers”, are the ones that should be labeled misinformation and shut down to prevent global cyber censorship of anything that doesn’t parrot the views of the agenda.


GS Luthra is a freelance writer and artist with a no BS straightforward style guaranteed to rattle the “Woke” and politically correct automaton. Click here to read more of his writing and books on bodyweight exercise, vitamins, and more.

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