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Generative AI Deepfakes Ushering Synthetic Reality could be the Perfect Excuse to Mandate Global Digital ID Registration to Verify who is Human with 24/7 Surveillance

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Fake presidential speeches, events, interviews, and even celebrity porn have been created showcasing how convincing deepfakes can be and how potentially damaging. It is also astounding at how relatively easy it is to be created by anyone anywhere in the world as AI technology has advanced rapidly and increased its availability. Just like how anyone can create a website thanks to the release of click and drag platforms, anyone can create AI fakes using software with prebuilt automated cloning features. Generative AI is being used to create novel content, particularly to tell stories, report news, create articles, and for entertainment. The technology has been around for a while, but its accessibility is now available to the general public. With that being said, this may prompt government to justify a cease and control of the internet, and mandate digital identification problem-reaction-solution style as depicted in the video below –



The video is actually a deepfake of characters from a popular video game, Metal Gear Solid 2. It was very well done. Coincidentally, the creator, CYBERGEM, revealed that the software provider imposed new restrictions –

2.64K subscribers

I used ElevenLabs AI for the voice synthesis. Ironically, they recently mentioned on their twitter that they have the ability to detect if a voice clip was generated with their service, and which user generated it, in order to ban users who “abuse” the service. They also just put the voice cloning feature behind a paywall for the same reason, so everything you generate is tied to your credit card info.


Sure there are potential problems with AI, as with any new technology, but that doesn’t mean mandatory digital ID verification is the appropriate solution.

Trolls and fake bots have been around ever since the internet was released. Fakes were created by hobbyist for humor, caricatures, and adult entertainment, but nobody blew the horn about safety aside from protecting minors. There used to be mandatory ID proving to access sites not intended for minors. Now, everything is accessible to everyone.

So why introduce it now when it wasn’t before?

It’s because the government wants total information control.


The Rulers Believe They are Helping People and Qualified to Decide What is Safe and What is Not

“The digital society furthers human flaws and selectively rewards development of convenient half-truths. Just look at the strange juxtapositions of morality around you.” – Colonel Roy Campbell (AI), Metal Gear Solid 2

While the claim of saving others from potentially harmful misinformation is valid to some extent, the problem is who decides and who is watching the watchers from their own bias? If the government takes over to decipher between AI and human, they’ll decide what is harmful, offensive, and conspiracy theory. As we’ve seen, people have been kicked off websites and fired from their employment just for having a different view or opinion.

Also, for refusing to be vaccinated.

The government wants a controlled cyber world where all offensive content is wiped out and all opposing views censored in the name of safety. They don’t want anyone to question the mainstream narrative, the establishment, or to have a mind of their own. And they want the complete removal of aggression in the name of anti-bullying.

And…they also want to control human thought.


Silencing the World

Impolite speech needs protection, polite speech does not. If it’s taken away, then there’s no freedom of speech. Neutral is just another way of saying censored, in a world where government controls and oversees all online content and everyone is an apologetic politically correct dunce incapable of independent thought, too afraid to utter anything that may upset somebody. And it won’t be limited to the metaverse, consequences will follow in the real world to the perpetrators who commit violations in cyberspace. People could be arrested for online activity just because someone felt offended/threatened.

Freedom of speech includes profanity, and even flat out insults. If a person strongly debate someone’s argument, let viewers decide whether its use is appropriate within context. Most don’t get this concept and social media is mostly to blame, many requiring government ID verification to use services under the guise of creating a safe space for all.

But think for a moment, do you regulate the jungle? No, the jungle functions under one rule – chaos. Use pesticide to control the bugs, and drug resistant super bugs emerge. History shows that trying to control the jungle is foolish arrogance that always leads to unexpected side effects resulting in more problems.

Nature is like an AI algorithm in that it always strives to complete its biological process and adapts to external interference, no matter how sophisticated. As Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Park, “Nature finds a way.”

Working with the environment – finding a place that is advantageous for survival and setting up camp, is a wiser approach. One can then build an infrastructure to maximize survival. Rules can then be dictated, but only within the walls, not the jungle.

The internet is a cyberspace jungle, therefore it is chaotic and uncontrollable. The more you try, the more problems arise. However, what you can do is build your own website and there you can decide what is acceptable or not, but this does not, and should not, extend throughout all of the internet.

Venturing online is akin to swimming in a swamp so people have to be aware and responsible when deciding what sites to visit. That’s the risk everyone takes when creating, interacting, and sharing anything online. However, no one is forced to engage, one can view and use the internet without communicating with others aside from business transactions.

Censoring and limiting on one webspace is a different discussion, but extending that to the entire internet itself is way out of proportion, and stupid. And it will result in catastrophe.

But the rulers see things differently, and are using more clever means of control under the guise of context.


Framing Techniques used to Sway the Masses

Capacity limits of the human brain have been discussed in science, so it is natural and expected for people to categorize and compartmentalize information. The digital information age, however has taken it further where people have information overload. So now they seek 5-star reviews, “likes”, watch views, positive social commentary, engagement, endorsements, statistics, research that validates personal beliefs, and other credibility features for convenient quick decision making.

However, scientists have found ways to better persuade people in multiple experiments done on 1,322 participants. “Compliance rates”  increased when existing beliefs of the person were leveraged. This has been successfully used in convincing people to believe political messages such as same-sex marriage by re-framing the focus on equal treatment, and mentioning that the gays in question were patriotic Americans. Scientists figured out that all it takes to make someone accept your position is re-framing to connect with theirs and then leveraging that to sneakily insert your views while they’re docile so they’ll accept it or at least will tolerate it.

The government views people as animals that need to be tamed, trained, and domesticated. And that’s why the majority of the human race are psychologically neutered sheep.

Obedience and tolerance are what you instill in a dog, and on that note, it has already been proposed that more reliable higher standards of authentication such as live video, tests, and ID verification need to be implemented to prevent AI from posting content –



Real-time generative chatbots to influence behavior, and language modeled text creation for more persuasive messaging without a trace are some of the concerns mentioned. And the solution therefore is restrictive access, models built on “facts”, requiring proof of personhood, and all platforms centrally coordinated to identify AI content.

Sounds like full control of the internet on a global scale. But it’s re-framed to make readers believe it’s for the greater good of all.

The full article, Generative Language Models and Automated Influence Operations: Emerging Threats and Potential Mitigations can be read here.

“And this is the way the word ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper.” – Colonel Roy Campbell (AI), Metal Gear Solid 2


Anonymity is Protection

The internet was supposed to be a metaverse where you engage using an avatar. Putting your real life likeness was optional. There’s also a unique fun in interacting through an avatar that brings out the kid in us.

There’s something to be said about being able to share things online anonymously through a fictious avatar or website.

Many people find it easier to express their thoughts and ideas better without having to reveal their physical likeness. And there’s truth in that, as many people jump to conclusions about people based on looks, attire, social status, voice, etc. So they may or may not take them seriously. And a person risks social consequences for expressing their ideas, and that’s why the anonymity of the internet provides a platform for them to share what they normally can’t in the real world.

Communicating online using a language that everyone understands – the written word, allows one to transcend the limitations of their physical attributes, and all the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. They can speak freely on a leveled playing field. So the focus is on the quality of the content, bypassing people’s initial impression of a person. That’s what made the internet great, it was sort of a Confucius-like atmosphere where it didn’t matter who got credit for ideas so long as they were expressed. An argument can be made against this, but the point is let people decide how transparent or elusive they want to be.

Even if they issue mandatory digital ID verification for internet use, they’ll be ways around it and people will use code names and interact secretly online as seen in the movie, The Matrix.

AI is just automating what has already been done before by humans. It’ll have its moment, but once people get bored of deep fakes, it’ll lose its value.

Therefore, the internet should be left in its natural state – chaotic.


Start Downloading all Your Sites Before “They” Snatch the Internet

If the internet gets hijacked, you’ll probably not be able to view the sites you used to, because government finds it “offensive” or “misinformation”, or you’ll need to register as a human with all your activity tracked. So download/backup all your sites of alternative information, particularly in health, politics, history, and other websites containing content that counters the mainstream narrative, just in case mandatory digital ID registration happens.

Don’t wait, do it before they shut it all down.

And remember, it’s not limited to just Big Tech and government closing websites. Even people themselves will remove their own alternative content due to some change in morals, so it goes both ways. People will change out of fear, frustration, or to sell out to the mainstream whether that be the establishment or controlled opposition which are both one in the same.

Alternative will soon become mainstream and vice versa. Independent platforms will be bought and sold, but still marketed as such. This will have a devastating psychological impact on the human race as many will go through a crisis of sorts as they won’t know what to believe in anymore. Some have already experienced it since the internet’s creations, but it will be more profound.

Learn to live without the internet, because it might not be around forever.


Credit and thanks to CYBERGEM for the AI deepfake of Colonel Campbell.

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