Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 22 December 2022

Yes this is fascism, of course it is, but it’s amazing how people like Greenpeace and the Guardian’s ‘Green’ obsessive Monbiot are suddenly calling bans on protesters an attack on freedom (which it is, but only when it affects ‘climate’ lunatics whose actions are the very reason the government is using as an excuse to do this to everybody). Where were you Greenpeace and Monbiot when ‘Covid’ fascism protestors were being targeted? Sitting in your face-nappies with your mouths zipped

George Monbiot is shocked.

But what has shocked George is not the rising tide of poverty and starvation in the world or the unprecedented transfer of wealth to a tiny number of oligarchs.

He is not shocked by the practical collapse of the rule of law or by the brutal actions of police officers in nations claiming to be liberal democracies.

It is possible that these things shock him as well, but if so, there is no sign of this in his recent article for the Guardian.

No. Monbiot is shocked by “leftwingers” being “lured” to the “far right” by “conspiracy theories” in the context of resistance to state measures in relation to Covid-19, including opposition to lockdowns, removal of basic civil rights, mass vaccination with experimental mRNA technology and the prospect of vaccine “passes” or even mandatory vaccination.

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