Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 21 November 2021

6 Movies That Depict How The World Will Look Under Technocracy

Demolition Man shows a future where the average man is soft and harmless. Even the male police are more concerned about how good their hair looks then stopping crime. In our real world, humans are becoming a commodity, and the eugenicist silicon men of Silicon Valley, already view people as inferior. To better control them, they want to usher in high-tech fascism, or simply put, technocracy. The human race is morphing into Borg from Star Trek thanks to AI controlled misinformation and cancel-culture forcing everyone to adopt the same mindset about everything. Regulating communication on the internet has already been implemented by the multinational tech giants who want to censor opposing views while catering to politics. While they claim they are trying to “end hate speech” and make a level playing field where all ideas can be equally expressed, the fact is AI is acting out of an algorithm of political correctness that favors a globalist agenda. In essence, what we see happening is people being micromanaged by machines.Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project is unfolding before our eyes, but not the way he intended. In his vision, you don’t own anything but have access to everything you want akin to a library but with abundance so no waiting in line. It eliminates jobs like cooks, waiters, delivery drivers, construction workers, etc., because machines will do the dirty labor. However, Amazon and other tech corporations are already moving the world in this direction but for self-serving goals. Their robots can perform faster and more efficiently than people for longer hours without complaint or overtime pay, so the ultra competitive job market demands fewer employees who can perform many tasks, leaving the rest of the workforce in the dust.


“Smart” Technologies are Designed to Tell You What to Do

In technocracy, AI will tell you what to eat, how much exercise to do, when to sleep, what to watch, how long to watch, who to marry, how many kids to produce, when to have sex (assuming you can), and whom to socialize with just like in the movie, The Island. In other words, technology will own you. “Smart” devices have already made their way into wrist watches, exercise equipment, the internet, weapons, computers, communications, phones, and more. They have infected society and are expected to leech deeper into people’s private lives. “Smart” cities will take it further since people are getting poorer and more fearful of the diminishing economy, so it will likely be advertised as a safe escape away from disease and war. But they are designed to put you into lifelong servitude being fully run by robots and if people want to enter, they’ll have be scanned, chipped, vaccinated, and pledge to work for the community so that the machine controlled society continues to run smoothly. It’ll be high-tech communism with sprinkled fascism.

“Smart” cities are designed to take your money, thus your sovereignty and independence.  People who don’t have property, weapons, or privacy are defenseless and easily controlled. The Reset is to create a world where people will own nothing and be happy as the expressed at the World Economic Forum. They want people to be fully dependent, thus incapable of disobeying orders. The establishment wants people to own nothing in the future, not even their own clothes. In the movie, Fight Club, Tyler Durden said, “The things you own end up owning you.” True to an extent, but the modest Buddhist lifestyle is not ideal for everyone.

Own Nothing Nothing, Be Happy

Minimalism is re-branded poverty, a stepping stone to a world where people own nothing and the government controls everything. It’s a lifestyle popularized by self proclaimed money gurus in an attempt to improve one’s finances, yet some of them shamelessly flaunt on social media. A king lives in a lap of luxury. He may be modest, or boast his lavish comforts. The ultra rich always have a surplus, and couldn’t spend all their money even if they tried. Minimalism is a poor man’s mentality, a coping coping strategy for dealing with poverty. While the rest of the world gets wrinkles about bills, the super rich is planning to financially screw them even more.

Owning nothing and being happy is the lie they are selling to trick the population. The plan for the reset is the government owning and tracking everything and everyone.

“Smart” Cities are Theme Parks for Adults

Some predictions say the average cost of a home will be ten million dollars by 2050, and it’s likely to occur as shared living accommodations have increased where people live in cabinet-like rooms with common areas such as living rooms and kitchens. In other words, the college campus lifestyle is spreading like wildfire. This further illustrates the animal-like treatment of human beings. Sales of prefabricated housing and tiny homes skyrocketed since the pandemic so people may be economically forced into “Smart” cities. Saudi Arabia announced a $500 billion-dollar “Smart” city to be built with robot dinosaurs and an artificial moon. So adults will be treated like children with their parent government imposes more restrictions and control, but keeps them satiated with addictive entertained sucking their life-force dry to fuel “Smart” cities.

Technocratic Academic Tyranny

School are operating with a caste system much like in Hinduism and students are treated accordingly. The ones who memorize and repeat the best and given preference while the rest of out of luck. The future may shape up to be something like seen in the movie, The Thinning, where students are executed or put into underground slave camps because they didn’t pass a test in the name of protecting the planet from overpopulation of ‘dumb’ people. While in reality, students most likely won’t literally be executed, but in a way they will be by cancel-culture if they deviate from the mainstream narrative. School policies give admin absolute power, so the behavior of students is become more complacent and their speech controlled by political correctness.

Administration can silence anyone with a click of a mouse much like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook who bans anything that the political machine deems offensive. Telling students to constantly say “please” and “thank you” is going to create a generation of weak pathetic losers who are too scared to offend people. Making them apologize constantly to people just because their words could sometimes be misinterpreted as offensive is setting them up for tiptoeing through life as if walking on eggshells.

AI Student Surveillance

During lock down, students have already had their face, voice, and surroundings recorded by third-party proctoring companies for exams under the guise of protecting academic integrity. Examity is an American company that provides proctoring service for schools and according to their privacy policy, Examity collects a biometric record of every student, their address, names of family, and more, and they may share this information with “trusted” third party companies or “affiliates” for further analysis. They can also access students’ drivers license and credit/debit card information as stated on their policy page. A student’s browsing history, activity, and location can also be recorded. Regardless of student origin, all of their data is transferred to the U.S. Students cannot hold Examity liable in case of a data breach because they’re forced to accept their terms of service and agree to their regulations before they can begin their exams. If Examity is bought or merges with another company, their data becomes acquired. So the future digitized technocratic education will resemble military indoctrination with all of the students’ information collected and stored in a central mainframe.

Mind Control

With people being chipped, crime would be allegedly caught before it happens much like in the movie, Minority Report, where a person’s thoughts can be psychically anticipated well in advance by machines. So technocracy would usher in a thought police of sorts which would control how people think, and with AI watching their every move and thought.

Androids Everywhere

Space Adventure Cobra depicts a world where humanoid robots are the norm. Even the main character, Cobra, a space pirate, underwent surgery to completely change his physical appearance to remain hidden from his enemies and galactic police. He also has a special unique kind of weapon attached as his left hand, called the psycho gun, which is a form of trans-humanism. Just like how people have been accustomed to traffic light cameras, drones, and bottled water, personal cybernetic robots will be accepted in technocracy. They’ll look and feel just like a real person and eventually reach a point where it will hard to tell the difference. Plastic, cosmetic, and gender changing surgeries are already becoming more common, and some people have even undergone identity changing surgery, so it’s not farfetched to expect more of this in a future technocratic world.


Sci-fi is Programming but Forewarning at the Same Time

Science fiction is like a crystal ball showing us what’s coming if we don’t wake up, or it could be a demonic tool that’s really just brainwashing the masses into accepting what’s already been planned. The special effects keeps the audience numb and dumb while stimulating just enough with entertainment to prevent them from revolting. Technology is a wonderful thing and has great potential to solve many problems, and elevate humanity to a new level with a never before seen standard of living. However, if it is misused like it currently is now to collect and store private date to be later used against people, biased censorship, and centralized control, then the human race is on track to fulfill the author’s imagination of the works previously described.

Ideally, this would be avoided and it can be as in Looney Tunes cartoons, it was anticipated that people would be flying around with lasers by the year 2000. It’s 2021 and we’re nowhere near that. Still, many other predictions from different works have manifested and some more are foreseeable in the near future. Maybe the authors had access to information the public didn’t, or maybe they were just sharing what they believed was coming. Regardless, it’s time to start dreaming of a pleasant world with true freedom and create art that will inspire the masses to focus on a brighter future.

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