Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 12 August 2021

People are Being Treated Like Animals

Who has more freedom today, a human being or a silverback gorilla? Tough to say during this global lockdown. Even if trapped in a zoo, the gorilla can roam around his imprisoned environment without a mask, spends less time in his cage than humans do in theirs (apartments, dormitory, houses, etc.), and can play with other gorillas. People on the other hand, have become like castrated cattle who must cover half of their faces, be pumped up with mRNA vaccines, and follow rules by corrupt bureaucrats. A long time ago, I had a dream where I was living in a residence with young and old people. It was akin to a dormitory or hostel. I remember walking in a common area and saw a large sliding glass door. I could see grass and freedom in the distance but one resident, an elderly man, warned to another not to go out as if there were a curfew. I did see through the glass the dark grey blue sky, and there was a guard outside in the distance near what looked like the exit. We were people randomly thrown in a place and couldn’t go outside during certain hours. The inhabits were like timid sheep who were too scared to wander off limits else they be disciplined.

When I woke up from that dream, I took a moment to contemplate and then wished that such a thing may never happen. More recently, I recall another dream where I was traveling by foot through different sectors in a beaten up downtown area. However, I had to go through checkpoints where immigrant government workers, who couldn’t speak English properly, inspected you. They were at odd locations, I remember going through a secret passage that was in the back of a restaurant to reach the other sector. I just had to get checked by some workers in the back and I got out a backdoor to the different sector. It was a strange feeling to live in such a world where even traveling by foot was regulated. This again was another dream I hope will never happen, however the current state of the world is depresses me.

Movement has Become Limited

Canadian government forces tourists into hotel imprisonment and feeds them hot dogs and other junk making them docile. Eating nothing but processed garbage with no fresh air or social interaction is a recipe for disease yet people are powerless to do anything. Even if they don’t have COVID, living in such inhumane conditions for two weeks will probably induce the virus in them. They are threatened by police with hefty fines and jail time for disobedience.

At college campuses, students must wear a mask everywhere with the exception of their rooms. They also are required to fill out the COVID self assessment form every time they enter the building. It wouldn’t surprise me if government starts assigning people where to live at approved locations due to great poverty. We have already seen the massive financial loss small businesses suffered and finding suitable employment is becoming increasingly difficult.

Pushing Vaccinations

Getting a higher education and salary has now another obstacle — vaccination. While no one can legally force anyone to get vaccinated, corporations and universities, both of which are owned and/or in cahoots with the establishment, are exploiting loopholes and using cleverly arranged words to fool people into thinking they must get it. Travelling, dining, and even socializing has also become difficult, because of the vaccine passport. While people can’t be forced to get vaccinated, most would rather take the easy way which is exactly what the government wants.

Many like to say that hopefully things will get better, but I tell them that the world they knew is gone. The government has grasped the population in a tight grip, and they have no intention of letting go. It’s more likely that things will continue to get worse as it steadily has since 2020. Canada, especially Ontario, has been in lock down for over a year, and with the current puppet politicians there is likely not going to be improvement. They want to vaccinate the entire population, but it won’t stop there. Microchips or ID bracelets to track and monitor people will be presented just like how they are doing with animals.

Enough is enough

The government tried to turn Ontario into a police state. However, the police rejected this so the law was changed the next day. It would have enabled the police to stop anyone anywhere anytime for any reason if they were caught being outside. It’s really good to see law enforcement stand up because they are our best line of defense against these power hungry politicians. It’s a step in the right direction but further action needs to be taken because the goal is still to vaccinate everybody.

I don’t know if things will get better, I don’t know if people will wake up. Many times I feel only an act of God can fix everything. Time will tell, but if the day comes where the government wants to micromanage people akin to the dreams I had, living off grid may become the only alternative.

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