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Caution should be in your mind when you are consuming a powerful drug like Xanax. It is a class of benzodiazepines that works by increasing specific neurotransmitters in the human brain. It is very effective if taken with care under a doctor’s supervision as the side effects of it can be very severe and sometimes fatal. It works directly on the central nervous system and hence you need to take it as per your doctor’s advice. You will also need a prescription so that you can purchase the medication from an authentic online pharmacy. It is important that the pharmacy follows the rules and regulations of the FDA and doesn’t sell such drugs as over-the-counter medicine freely. Xanax treats disorders arising out of anxiety and includes anxiety caused by depression. It is also taken to treat panic disorders arising out of or without fear of places, situations, or apparent helplessness without any embarrassment. It can be dangerous for a person if he or she is alone after a panic attack in some unknown place.

Xanax can be dangerous if you are allergic to it or you are taking it as self-medication. It can easily slow your breathing and can cause your death if you have taken it after having consumed alcohol or other medicines. You must avoid pharmacies that sell Xanax freely as the same may be fake and may contain unsafe chemicals that can prove to be fatal.

Dos and Don’ts of Xanax

Xanax is a medication that when misused or taken in overdose may lead to addiction or death. It shouldn’t be allowed near another person who may accidentally take it and find life-threatening symptoms soon after. Hence, for treatment, you must first discuss your anxiety disorders with your doctor before the latter recommends it. If you have other health problems your doctor may refrain from asking you to take the drug.

Your doctor will take the final call as to whether your body will be receptive to anxiety disorder xanax medicine or whether another low-dosage drug is the best alternative. Your doctor may ask you to undergo a few clinical tests and also ascertain your medical records so that she can come to a firm conclusion.

The drug can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop taking it. It is for this reason that a doctor’s supervision is most necessary. Besides, your family members or friends may keep an eye on you to report to your doctor any unusual behavior from your end. Some withdrawal symptoms can last for more than a year.
Your doctor may initially ask you to take lower doses and then increase the same slowly. While stopping Xanax your doctor will ask you to take lower doses for a few days till you stop taking it.

Serious Side Effects

Xanax comes with several side effects and the most notable are the serious ones that patients get when they start taking the drug. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you shouldn’t take Xanax as it will harm your child with life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

For some people, the drug can lead to symptoms like depression, mood problems or suicidal thoughts, or strange behaviors. Others have been found to suffer from hallucinations, drowsiness, seizure, jaundice, over-talkative, confusion, burning or crawling sensation under their skin, etc.

The medication is powerful as it directly works on the neurotransmitters of the brain and therefore you need caution while taking it. Xanax is not for people below 18 years and you should take the medicine by swallowing it whole. It means you cannot crush, chew or break the tablet as it can lead to some of the above symptoms. The general adult dose is between 4mg and 10mg and it is your doctor who will decide about it.

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