Fascist Cult-Gofer Fauci Says Don’t Have Family Over At Christmas Unless They Are Fake Vaxxed. Fuck off, mate, thank you, merry Christmas

Anthony Fauci did his best to play the grinch who stole Christmas once again Sunday by declaring that Americans should refrain from attending any gatherings where they don’t know everyone’s vaccination status. Presumably Fauci means that if someone in the family isn’t vaccinated then don’t let them in to the gathering, for if you merely […]

Fascist Fauci says face masks will ALWAYS have to be worn on planes: White House Cult-owned fake doctor says there is an increased risk of ‘Covid’ when you travel but you should be ‘OK’ if you’re fake vaccinated, fake boosted and cover your face. NO – we’ll be ‘OK’ if we never listen to you empathy-deleted psychopath

Dr Anthony Fauci has said he cannot see the end of mask wearing on planes, despite airline executives being at pains to stress the efficacy of their air purification systems. Fauci was speaking on ABC’s Meet the Press after Gary Kelly, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, said called for the end of mask mandates on planes and […]

Dr. Fauci Admits That Covid Vaccines May Actually Make People ‘Worse’: “It Would Not Be The First Time”

Dr. Anthony Fauci sat down with “Meta” CEO Mark Zuckerberg and finally said out loud what many people have been warning for over a year about the rushed mRNA vaccines: They may actually make the Covid pandemic worse. Dr. Fauci was commenting on a recent study that showed that the Covid vaccines may actually make […]

Fox host Lara Logan compares Fauci to Nazi death camp doctor Mengele – and is immediately attacked by those that think they have a copyright on mass killings by the state

Auschwitz memorial museum calls comparison ‘shameful,’ lamenting journalist’s exploitation of Holocaust for use in modern-day debate on vaccines. JTA — Fox Nation host Lara Logan compared Anthony Fauci, the top official handling the United States coronavirus response, to Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor who conducted experiments on inmates at the Auschwitz death camp. Logan was […]

Mass-Murdering Psychopath Fauci: Definition of Fully Vaccinated Will Be Changed – Yes, of course, because the definition is never meant to end as one fake vaccine follows the next until everyone is either dead or a synthetic clone

Pfizer and other pharmaceutical industry players are stepping up lobbying efforts in hope of defeating proposed legislation intended to strengthen protection for whistleblowers, The Intercept reported. Pfizer has hired a well-connected lobbyist, Hazen Marshall, and the law firm Williams & Jensen, to lobby against the False Claims Amendments Act of 2021. The legislation, introduced in […]

Kennedy On Fauci: ‘Apocalyptical Forces Of Ignorance And Greed And Totalitarianism’

We’re facing the greatest battle of our lifetimes, possibly of all time, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in this riveting interview with James Corbett.1 I urge you to set aside 60 minutes to watch it in its entirety, as it succinctly sums up the coalition of sinister forces — intelligence agencies, pharmaceutical companies, social media […]

‘Covid-19’ Patient Really Dying From Fauci-Imposed Remdesivir Drug Recovers After Court Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin. Reptilian hybrid Fauci is a mass murderer on behalf of the Cult he serves

An elderly COVID-19 patient has recovered after a court order allowed him to be treated with ivermectin, despite objections from the hospital in which he was staying, according to the family’s attorney. After an Illinois hospital insisted on administering expensive remdesivir to the patient and the treatment failed, his life was saved after a court […]

How the Corporate Media Launched a Disinformation Campaign to Protect Fauci

NOTE FROM GLENN GREENWALD: Earlier this month, I reported that The Washington Post was preparing a hit piece on a group that it had long praised: the White Coat Waste Project, devoted to the singular mission of building an ideologically diverse coalition to oppose wasteful and morally reprehensible taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs and other animals. […]

‘Predators’: Obama And Fauci Turn Up At Elementary School To Watch Kids Get Fake Vaccinated – when neither of these psychopaths will have had the real one

Anthony Fauci and Barack Obama spontaneously turned up at an elementary school in Washington DC to watch and encourage kids to get vaccinated Tuesday. The pair ‘surprised’ students at Kimball Elementary School, where a ‘pop up’ vaccination clinic was set up. You are serious? They are at more risk from the vaccine! What. Is. Going. […]

Joe Biden is spotted MASKLESS inside Nantucket store where face coverings are mandated just hours after being ‘fully briefed’ on Moronic Variant and banning travel from eight countries: Liar Fauci warns super-strain may already be here ‘because Bill Gates told me to’

President Joe Biden was caught disobeying an indoor mask mandate this weekend in Nantucket just hours after being ‘fully briefed’ on the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus and banning travel from eight African countries. The president, who has been staying on the island with his family this Thanksgiving weekend, was spotted inside Murray’s Toggery […]

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