Transhumanism: Dancing With The Digital Devil

Transhumanism is a materialist inversion of spiritual aspirations, which promises to create a heaven on earth in exchange for merging our souls with machines. Transhumanism has morphed from a fringe philosophy into the spirit of our age. As defined by its hero, Max More, the transhumanism movement represents the “continuation and acceleration of the evolution […]

Evolutionary Transhumanism: The End Of Our Species As We Know It?

This subject will likely be very foreign to most, will be avoided by many, and will certainly offend those clinging to a god or religion in hopes of gaining everlasting life, by accepting certain dogma laid down in the past by ancient beliefs, religions, churches, monarchs, or rulers. Those who depend on what is currently […]

Hacking Humanity: Transhumanism

The notion that the world can be replicated and replaced by a simulated reality says a great deal about the beliefs of those who promote the metaverse [treated in the previous chapter]. The conception is materialist and mechanistic at base, the hallmarks of social engineering. It represents the world as consisting of nothing but manipulable […]

How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution created the Eugenics and Transhumanism

In this long form discussion with CPP candidate Tish Conlin, Matt breaks down the scientific fraud of Darwinism, and introduces the origins of both eugenics and its hellspawn transhumanism. Matters of the oversimplification of the Beschamp vs Pasteur debate, Tesla vs Edison debate, Smith vs Marx debate and Hayek vs Keynes debate are also discussed […]

Flashback: Transhumanism’s “Wail Of Despair” For Immortality

This article compares the path of Transhumanism with Christianity, noting similarities and contrasts. The Transhuman’s Holy Grail is achieving immortality, but alas, without a truly human body. Such a post-human dream is a dead end street because it strips away all that it means to be human. ⁃ TN Editor. Transhumanism’s time seems to have […]

Transhumanism: What Is It And Why Is It Evil?

Transhumanism is a very strong trend among the Western élites. Its aim is to overcome the natural limitations of human biology using technology. Proponents of transhumanism, including Yuval Harari and Klaus Schwab, believe in ideas such as these: that we can improve the human body to create cyborgs, which are fictive organisms in which human organs and technology […]

Eugenics, Transhumanism and Jeffrey Epstein’s Network

A lot of people that funded eugenics causes in the past, like the Rockefeller family, are big proponents of transhumanism today. Transhumanism is an attempt to manipulate consciousness and memory. It is also tied up with depopulation. It is the new path of eugenics. Eugenics hasn’t disappeared it has just been rebranded. Last year in […]

Transhumanism, Eugenics And Faking The Singularity

STORY AT-A-GLANCE > Silicon Valley is essentially fused with the national security state. Silicon Valley is now also entering into joint ventures with medical companies, and many of these ventures are financed by groups like In-Q-Tel, which is the CIA’s venture capital arm > There’s a concerted effort to frame transhumanism — which is really […]

Flashback: Transhumanism Is The New Religion For Postmodern Times

We are witnessing the birth of a new faith. It is not a theistic religion. Indeed, unlike Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, it replaces a personal relationship with a transcendent God in the context of a body of believers with a fervent and radically individualistic embrace of naked materialistic personal recreation. Moreover, in contrast to the […]

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