What Does it Mean to be Human? Humanism, Transhumanism, Posthumanism

What does it mean, essentially, to be human? Reading Homer, one would gather than being human means being mortal. The gods and goddesses of ancient Greece partook of immortality, and despite their vices and lusts and vagaries – all of which were eminently ‘human’ – their immortality set them apart from the lowlanders on the […]

Transhumanism, Digital Twins And Technocratic Takeover Of Bodies

This author cracks the Technocrat conspiracy to use the FDA to institutionalize Transhumanism. Future testing of drugs and therapies will be conducted on digital twins or directly on humans instead of animals. This is a sea change in health (dis)care, paving the way for the endless use of EUAs to “approve” new drugs.According to The […]

The Most Censored Subjects On Earth: The Trilateral Commission, Technocracy & Transhumanism

While everyone else whines about being censored over trivial news stories, the most important themes are being obliterated. Why? Because the threat of exposure is too great for the evil agenda of Technocrats and Transhumanists. For over 50 years, Technocrats and the designers of the so-called “Technetronic Era” and the “New International Economic Order” have […]

Transhumanism: Billionaires Want to Use Tech to Enhance our Abilities – The Outcomes Could Change What It Means to be Human

Many prominent people in the tech industry have talked about the increasing convergence between humans and machines in coming decades. For example, Elon Musk has reportedly said he wants humans to merge with AI “to achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence”. His company Neuralink aims to facilitate this convergence so that humans won’t be “left […]

All Roads Lead to Transhumanism

Transhumanism is the ultimate form of eugenics. Whilst eugenicists want to rid society of, what they view as, inferior members of the human race, transhumanists want the extinction of the entire human race itself. The push towards this anti-human end game is being promoted by numerous people who disingenuously promote it as some sort of […]

When Dissent Ends, Transhumanism Reigns, and Digitization Rules, Humanity Will Cease to Be Human

“The only thing worth globalizing is dissent.” ~  Arundhati Roy Self-defense comes in many forms, but all defense of self begins and ends with dissent, non-compliance, disobedience, saying no to any and all rule, and never allowing aggression against mind and body; mental or physical. Without dissent, defense is not possible, because when voluntary compliance […]

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