Dr. Stefan Lanka 2020 Article Busts the Virus Misconception

The virus misconception is at the heart of Operation Coronavirus, because without the concept of germ theory and without the horror story of the killer virus, most people would not buy the NWO-directed official narrative of COVID propaganda. In a previous article on the nature of the virus, I have discussed the heroic efforts of […]

Dr. Stefan Lanka: The history of the infection theory. (English transcript)

Original video “Grippepandemie und Tamiflu” copy here. Dokuments: klein-klein-media.de  Translation from German and original subtitled video: Sacha Dobler, AbruptEarthChanges.com 1.08 [time markers of the video] My name is Stefan Lanka, I am a biologist and virologist. I discovered the first virus, which was in the ocean. That’s how I became involved in this matter. First, I recognized […]

Fake Pandemic Re-Run: Similarities Between 1976 Swine Flu and 2020 COVID

The 1976 Swine Flu Pandemic is interesting to look back upon now in the light of Operation Coronavirus. There has been a series of pandemics in recent history (take the last 100 years) with very similar blueprints, patterns and agendas to the manufactured COVID crisis. With the 1918-1919 flu pandemic, for instance, there is credible evidence […]

5G Induces Coronaviruses: New Study Models Millimeter Wave Influence on DNA

5G induces coronaviruses according to a new study just published on the US NIH (National Institute of Health) website PubMed.gov and published earlier elsewhere. The study, entitled 5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells (full version here), comes to the shocking conclusion – shocking from a mainstream scientific viewpoint – that 5G technology […]

Doctor Reveals the Corona Effect – Claims COVID is Blood Coagulation

The Corona Effect In relation to viruses is a phrase used by naturopathic practitioner Dr. Robert Young, whose research shatters the official coronavirus narrative. Young has recently been outspoken in his quest to alert people to the real nature and cause of COVID. Via his blog and various interviews (here, here and here), Young has […]

Busted: 11 COVID Assumptions Based on Fear not Fact

COVID assumptions – the assumptions people make about COVID, how dangerous it is, how it spreads and what we need to do to stop it – are running rampant, running far more wildly than the supposed virus SARS-CoV2 itself. The coldly calculated campaign of propaganda surrounding this ‘pandemic’ has achieved its aim. Besieged with a […]

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