Mexico Becomes First Nation to Admit Harms of Geoengineering, Halts Future Experiments

The Mexican government has announced a moratorium on solar geoengineering experiments following an unauthorized small-scale experiment by a U.S. startup. How will the decision impact the plans of globalists who aim to use geoengineering as a gateway to world governance? Only weeks ago, Luke Iseman, the CEO of Make Sunsets, the company behind the experiment, […]

Biden Signs G20 Declaration Agreeing To Force Americans To Use Vaccine Passports For International Travel

Joe Biden signed a G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration pledging for America to adopt vaccine passports to “facilitate” international travel. Paragraph 23 of the declaration explains that “facilitating seamless international travel” in the future will require “trusted global digital health networks that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standard and digital COVID-19 certificates.” The […]

Techno-Authoritarianism Is Here to Stay: China and the Deep State Have Joined Forces

“If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back.”—Senator Frank Church The votes are in. No matter who runs for office, […]

Smart Contracts In Blockchain And How Do They Work

Smart Contracts In Blockchain And How Do They Work What Are Tokens And Smart Contracts? How Smart Contracts Work Benefits And Uses Of Smart Contracts Efficiency in terms of time and resources Trustless nature of smart contracts Reliability Real-World Applications Of Smart Contracts Aiding international trade Efficient supply chains Ownership of property made easier Transparent […]

Bank for International Settlements Lowers The Boom On Cryptocurrencies

While citing multiple problems with the decentralization model for cryptocurrencies (some of them valid and some of them not), the Bank for International Settlements has concluded in a report released this week that crypto ‘can’t fulfill the role of money.’ As noted in the report: “Building on permissionless blockchains, crypto and DeFi seek to create […]

993,000 5G Base Stations Already Deployed in China; 95+% of Counties and 35% of Towns Have Coverage

Since 2017 doctors and scientists have been asking for 5G moratoriums on Earth and in space (see 1, 2).  Since 2018 there have been reports of people and animals experiencing symptoms and illnesses after it was installed (see 1, 2, 3, 4). Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit […]

Behind a Manufactured Crisis: The COVID-19 and Psychopathy Connection

Fifteen leaders of public health, business, and government convened inside the Pierre Hotel in New York in October, 2019 to present a simulated tabletop exercise of possible scenarios in case of a global pandemic. Close to 130 invitees were in attendance and the event was broadcast via livestream to anyone interested. Joint recommendations were presented […]

Woke Virus: COVID is Sustainable, Equitable, Inclusive, Racially Unbiased and Climate Aware

Did you know that SARS-CoV-2 is a woke virus? Did you ever notice how smoothly the COVID rhetoric has morphed with climate change rhetoric, Agenda 2030 rhetoric, Great Reset rhetoric and New World (NWO) rhetoric in general? Every technocrat and his dog are going around pushing their favorite elite agenda, mixing it with Agenda 2030 […]

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