The global treasure that is Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa has died aged 98. Thanks for everything, mate, until we meet again as we will. You did a FANTASTIC job in a FANTASTIC life – all my love to you

‘Cape Town — Traditional healer Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa has died, according to reports on SABC News. The Credo Mutwa Foundation confirmed the passing of the 98-year-old. Credo currently lives with his wife, Virginia, in Kuruman where they run a hospice clinic, according to Wikipedia. Mutwa, born on July 21, was a Zulu sangoma, and known […]

Reptilians Throughout History: Global Mythology of a Serpentine Race

Reptilians have been depicted throughout history and are chronicled by diverse cultures worldwide. Individuals without contact or communication with one another share eerily similar accounts of lizard-like overlords. Indigenous Mayans idolized Quetzalcoatl, a mighty Snake God. Sumerians spoke of the Anunnaki, an extraterrestrial race thought to influence mankind. Gnostic texts refer to the Archons as […]

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