Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 July 2024

Tired Of Being Spied On? – Free Privacy Webinar – Replay Is Up Now!

Last year, Americans lost an estimated $39.5 BILLION in phone scams alone.

I have seen people scammed firsthand – and I can tell you… it’s terrible.

Maybe you know someone who had money stolen thanks to a phone scammer. It happens so often.

That’s why 72% of Americans said they are “very concerned” to “extremely concerned” about their online privacy.

But there’s another reason that’s even more important than safeguarding your money. I’m talking about protecting your God-given freedom and right to live as you choose – without being bullied and coerced by your government or the companies they hire to spy on you. 

Now, getting private online may seem overwhelming. Most people think it means losing the convenience of modern technology.

That’s not true at all. 

In fact, by learning how to get private and secure online actually makes the internet easier.

After I took back my privacy online, I no longer have endless ads bombing my feed…      

I only have to remember the password (to get into my password manager)… and I get to sleep easy – knowing my information is safe from Hackers, Big Tech, and Big Brother.

Last night, privacy maven, Glenn Meder, taught a must-watch, free lesson for non-techy, everyday people on how to go private online. 

Go here to catch the replay.           

I asked Glenn if he could create a special offer specifically for our audience, and he did!

Better still, Glenn is offering a HUGE discount on the Privacy Action Plan. But the discount ends this Sunday at Midnight.     

So, act today. Save money and take back your privacy while you still can.



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