Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 10 July 2024

I wrote long ago: If you can put a name to what you believe you are in a mind prison. That’s how ‘ism’ control works. You have an unquestioning belief with a label on the door and your mind circles the wagons and says here-and-no-further. Never consider the blatant truth that there is always more to know

You only need to know what we tell you to know. I am an expression of All That Is, All Possibility, and have no need to connect with Infinity through anyone. Why would I? I am Infinity – so are all of us. I have no need to limit my Infinity through any religious, political, or cultural belief system, any induced myopia. I am not even human – I am consciousness having a brief experience called ‘human’. We all are. 
Please don’t tell me to be free while worshipping an external entity whatever form that may take in your mind. You are not free in that case. You are ‘free’ – BUT. You worship no one, give your power to no one, EXCEPT. Freedom has no buts. No excepts. Infinity has no limits unless we impose them on ourselves. 
‘Only through Jesus’? ‘Only through Allah’? ‘Only through Shiva’? No – only through perception. Only through self-identity. What we believe we perceive and what we perceive we experience. Why do we need to be connected via another to the Infinity that we already are? We have just been induced to forget – the veil of forgetfulness – who we already are. 
We are an expression of the Infinite whatever label you may have for that. To control us the demonic must stop us self-identifying with the Infinite and see ourselves as a powerless Little Me. This is why any suggestion throughout ‘history’ that we are an expression of ‘God’ is condemned as blasphemy. You are not ‘God’ – you are a subordinate wretch and sinner and you must self-identify with that because then we gotcha! This is the real conspiracy on which all the others depend. Trump or Biden is an infinitesimalsideshow by comparison. 
How ironic that the ‘alternative’ media is awash with those who perpetuate the identity illusion and so make possible what they claim to oppose.

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