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For many people to store their goods or bags in a safe place London offers services known as luggage storage. These users are relieved of the hassle of carrying their bags while exploring the city or participating in other affairs. There are many places in London that have luggage storage points to take advantage of these facilities. 

 These luggage storage points offer a lot of services to their customers. These services may also be in the form of secure storage facilities or lockers. These places are very conveniently located in London. Like location near train station, airport, tourist area etc. These institutions provide flexible options for booking. 

 Which includes online booking or onsite booking. Storage options range from hours a day to weeks. They are available at a very affordable price, sometimes their price is based on the cost and duration of the goods. 

The equipment also has insurance coverage for peace of mind. There are many popular luggage storage options in London, some of which include:

Radical Storage





The Excess Baggage Company

 By using LUGGAGE STORAGE LONDON , people can get freedom from the hassle of moving luggage from one place to another during their sightseeing, business affairs and other matters. You can further enjoy your journey by availing this facility. Apart from this, one can get rid of the theft or loss of goods or any other kind of problem.


There are many important locations in London that have luggage storage points nearby. These luggage storage points provide more convenience as London’s main tourist and business locations are heavily trafficked.

Some are detailed below:

Big Ben:  Nanny Bag is a point near Big Ben that offers a day’s worth of luggage for £6.

Trafalgar Square: Nannybag offers luggage storage for £6 per day near Trafalgar Square.

Tower Bridge:  Also near Tower Bridge and the Tower of London is a Nanny Bag facility offering luggage storage for £6 a day.

London Eye:  The London Eye is a location near Nanny Bag where luggage storage is provided. It is also offered by the hour or by the day, with one offering £6 a day.

Piccadilly Circus: Nannybag offers luggage storage for £6 per day near Piccadilly Circus.

Buckingham Palace:  It is a location which is near Victoria station. Also nearby is Nanny Beg, which is located near the palace. It also offers storage for £6 a day.

British Museum:  There is also a nanny bag facility near the museum but note that large bags are not allowed in this storage.

Heathrow Airport:  Heathrow Airport also has a nanny bag facility for £6 a day. Note that storage services near the airport tend to be more expensive.

King’s Cross Station: Nannybag offers luggage storage for £6 per day near King’s Cross Station.


 Yes, London Heathrow Airport is a place where luggage storage services are available. Luggage Hero is a service that offers luggage storage locations near Heathrow Airport. Its competitive rates start at £5.4 per day. And offers £1.19 per hour. 

 Bounce service is also available near Heathrow Airport. Its offer starts from £4.30 per bag for the whole day. There is also an additional baggage storage company located near Heathrow Airport. The prices of which depend on the storage period of the goods. 

Each terminal at Heathrow Airport has a left luggage facility. In this you can store the goods for a minimum of a few hours and a maximum of 90 days.

Heathrow Airport is easily accessible by public transport from central London. Heathrow Airport Express will take the Express up to Paddington station. With a little bit of time on its hands, this express will reach Heathrow Airport via Victoria Station via the District Line and Pica Daily Line.


 Here’s how to keep luggage in London with a Nanny Bag. 

1.Visit the Nanny Bag website or use the App Store on Google Play which is always available on Google. 

2.Search for the location where you want to save the inventory by writing it in the search bar. 

3.You will be presented with many options to safely store your belongings. 

4.Many locations in London will be provided to you like Victoria Station, London Bridge, Paddington Luggage Storage etc.

5.Large tourist attractions have luggage storage facilities which charge around £4.50 per bag.

6.After getting all the information choose the location according to your budget.

7.Confirm your booking through online booking. And hand over your goods to the existing storage after reaching the desired location.

8.Don’t forget to get the receipt from the reception after depositing the luggage or else you will face difficulty in getting the luggage.


There are lockers in London where you can store your belongings safely. Nanny Bag offers over 10,000 locations at £4.50 per bag. Luggage Hero offers more than 140 locations per day and also hourly. Luggage storage facilities are also available at airports and train stations. 

There is also a locker location in London that provides luggage storage facilities around all hotels and shops. There are also locker units near London airports. King’s Cross Luggage Storage also has locker facilities which charge per day and hourly rates.

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