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What the BBC Won’t Tell You: Le Pen’s National Rally Was the Only Party to Increase its Vote Share in the Second Round

The French election has been framed as a significant defeat for Marine Le Pen and her National Rally party. The BBC’s Paul Kirby in an article titled ‘What just happened in France’s shock election?‘ explained:

Nobody expected this. High drama, for sure, but this was a shock.

When the graphics flashed up on all the big French channels, it was not the far Right of Marine Le Pen and her young Prime Minister-in-waiting Jordan Bardella who were on course for victory.

It was the Left who had clinched it, and Emmanuel Macron’s centrists – the Ensemble alliance – had staged an unexpected comeback, pushing the far-Right National Rally (RN) into third.

Of course, the BBC wasn’t alone in proclaiming the second round an unexpected victory for the far-Left, Left and centrists over the forces of the “Right”, sorry, the “far Right”, as I must get used to calling any party without an open borders policy.

Likewise, the Telegraph described how:

National Rally had been beaten by a ragtag alliance called the New Popular Front – comprising Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s hard-Left France Unbowed, Communists, Greens and Socialists.

But even more humiliatingly Le Pen’s party appeared to have been beaten by Mr. Macron’s centrist Together alliance, which polls had predicted would founder in third place.

However, for anyone with even a passing familiarity with French politics this was exactly the outcome we’d expected. It wasn’t a shock. The Leftist alliance didn’t stage an unexpected comeback. And Le Pen’s party wasn’t beaten into third place by Macron’s centrist Together alliance. To understand the consequences in terms of Parliamentary seats Robert Kogon’s recent Daily Sceptic article explains the vagaries of the outcome very succinctly. However, I thought a look at how and why the election is misreported would be of interest.

Of course, regular readers of the Daily Sceptic will be familiar with this tactic of the mainstream media (MSM). Set up a false position. See the false position not come about. Declare a disaster for the person or party you wish to smear. In this case, the MSM set up the position that Le Pen would win the second round of the French elections. An outcome that, once it was clear that Macron had done a deal with Mélenchon – and it was always inevitable that he would do a deal – then Le Pen couldn’t win.

Let’s look at the actual data rather than rely on the BBC’s in-house analysis.

Somewhat surprisingly, Le Pen’s RN Party saw the largest second-round percentage increase in its vote share of any of the political parties or groupings.

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