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Meet ‘the second most powerful man in Britain’: He cut his political teeth purging extremists on both the Left and Right (and creating the professional censors CCDH). Now Meet ‘the second most powerful man in Britain’: He cut his political teeth ‘purging extremists’ on both the Left and Right (and creating the professional censors CCDH with Labour activist Imran Ahmed). Now Starmer’s ‘friend and enforcer’ is at the heart of No 10

The pictures wouldn’t look out of place in Country Life magazine. An ostentatious chandelier, a three-oven Aga in the flagstone-floor kitchen, while the stylish study features floor-to-ceiling custom bookcases.

The £750,000 sandstone mansion, set in glorious Lanarkshire countryside, even comes with stable blocks. Welcome to the home of Morgan McSweeney — now the second most powerful man in the country.

Tony Blair employed the thuggish Alastair Campbell as his chief spin doctor, while Peter (now Lord) Mandelson revelled in his nickname ‘The Prince of Darkness’.

Yet McSweeney, Starmer’s new ‘head of political strategy’, stands to be more influential than either of his Downing Street predecessors. As one senior party figure puts it: ‘No unelected figure in postwar Labour history wields as much power as Morgan McSweeney.’

The redhead Irishman, who was the brains behind Starmer’s triumphant election victory, also helped to install Starmer as leader and purge the party of the far-Left. Ruthless and calculating, McSweeney now has significant control over messaging and policy.

Though he rarely credits him publicly, Starmer has McSweeney to thank more than anyone for making it to Downing Street. Yet even many Labour MPs have probably never met McSweeney, who at party conferences shuns the bars and spends most of his time in the leader’s hotel suite.

The anonymity suits the workaholic McSweeney, who was invariably at his desk at Labour’s South London HQ by 6.30am. He will not show any signs of slowing down now that Labour is in government. And from his new desk in No 10 he will be closely observing exactly who visits Starmer.

When key aides lined Downing Street to welcome the incoming Prime Minister, McSweeney was already inside. Starmer made a beeline for his adviser — who was suited and booted rather than casually dressed in his customary jeans — and made sure his was one of the first hands he shook.

McSweeney’s word is law. One top party figure tells me: ‘Every minister defers to him. He is Keir Starmer’s friend, confidant and enforcer. There is no higher praise at HQ than: ‘Morgan loves it.’

Yet perhaps not from all quarters. Relations between McSweeney and Sue Gray, the former ‘impartial’ civil servant whose excoriating Partygate report triggered the ultimate downfall of Labour’s nemesis Boris Johnson, are said to be prickly. Gray is now the Prime Minister’s chief of staff — another vital Downing Street role.

One source says: ‘Keir needs Morgan by his side. Morgan’s desk will be outside the No 10 study, and he will be in and out of Keir’s office more than Sue. But look out for the fireworks.’

So who is Morgan McSweeney — and what does he plan to do with the power he now wields?

The 47-year-old was brought up in Macroom in County Cork, and still speaks with a soft Irish lilt. His grandfather, Michael, won a medal from the IRA for his service during the 1916 war of independence from Britain.

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