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J.K. Rowling Launches Fresh Attack as Keir Starmer Appoints TWO Pro-Trans Women and Equalities Ministers

J.K. Rowling launched a fresh attack on Labour as Sir Keir Starmer appointed two pro-trans Women and Equalities Ministers to sit around his Cabinet table. The Mail has more.

In a surprise move, Downing Street revealed both Bridget Phillipson and Anneliese Dodds would hold the title in the new Government.

It led to confusion about who would ultimately be in charge of fulfilling Labour’s pre-election promise to “simplify” the process for trans people to legally change gender.

Rowling this morning questioned the choice of Ms. Dodds for the role, having previously clashed with Ms. Phillipson over Labour’s stance on transgender issues.

The Harry Potter author used social media to highlight an answer by Ms. Dodds in 2022, when the Labour frontbencher was asked about her party’s definition of a woman.

“I have to say that there are different definitions legally around what a woman actually is,” she replied in a BBC interview at the time.

She added: “I think it does depend what the context is surely. I mean surely that is important here.”

Prior to the General Election, Rowling agreed to a meeting with Labour following her repeated attacks on the party over gender issues.

It came after the author said she would “struggle to support” Labour in last Thursday’s vote, despite having previously been a party donor.

Rowling this morning revealed she had backed an independent candidate in her Edinburgh constituency last week, rather than vote for Labour. …

Downing Street attempted to clear up confusion about both Ms. Dodds and Ms. Phillipson being appointed as Women and Equalities Minister.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “Anneliese Dodds will be the Minister for Women and Equalities and will be, as I understand it, attending Cabinet.

“But for sort of constitutional purposes you also need someone who’s a full Cabinet member (Ms. Phillipson) having the brief as part of their role, but for all intents and purposes, Anneliese Dodds will be the lead Minister.”

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