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Why Keir Starmer and the King are the new power duo

As guests took their places at the lavish Buckingham Palace state banquet held in honour of the Japanese emperor a little over a week ago, the more eagle-eyed attendees were to be found salivating over the seating plan as much as the menu boasting poached Scottish langoustine and Cornish turbot.

For while Rishi Sunak found himself making polite conversation while seated with an eminent computer scientist from his native Southampton, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer spent his evening barely seven days before the general election sat beside the most senior aide to the King.

On the one hand, just which white-tie clad dignitary gets to make small talk with another dignitary over quail eggs and claret is routine royal scuttlebutt. On the other, it was hard not to conclude that someone somewhere within the upper echelons of the Palace had spotted a high-profile opportunity for those closest to the monarch to be seen comparing notes with the coming man of British politics.

Perhaps more by design than accident, the same cannot be said for her successor. While Charles as monarch has been less outspoken than Charles as heir, he has nonetheless maintained his reputation for speaking plainly on the core issues that matter to him, chiefly the environment and action to mitigate climate change.

Whereas Elizabeth II’s views on the cost of living crisis or illegal migration went unknown, her son has repeatedly voiced alarm at the impact of poverty (one of his charities last year donated £1m for a food bank to buy 800 freezers) and, shortly before he ascended the throne in 2022, apparently described the Government’s Rwanda scheme as “appalling”. Although the comments were made in private, royal aides did not deny them – prompting a behind-the-scenes rebuke from Downing Street that in their view the line of royal apoliticism had been crossed.

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