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Network Warfare: Never before have the warmongers of the past had the entire world potentially at their mercy

By Gabriel

For those interested in preserving our nations, free markets, culture or even basic human rights, we are in an outright harrowing time.

Many of these challenges are direct physical assaults, like warfare, but there is also a wide variety of abstract dangers. Such as censorship, surveillance, economic warfare, or disaster capitalism.

Governments battle against their people for control over policy, and against mega-corporations for control over the public.

Families, communities and even entire nations are stuck in the crossfire of larger plans without clear allies to depend on.

Marshall McLuhan’s quote has become a tired cliche these days as more and more people recognise that vast swaths of humanity are under attack from seemingly every direction.

The quote accurately describes what many are feeling, but little else.  It leaves behind many questions to ponder further:

  • What is the war about?
  • Who’s waging the war and against whom?
  • Who’s winning?
  • Is there a side to join or oppose?
  • When will it be over?
  • What can we do to protect ourselves?

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but there are useful guides to follow. In the words of Spartacus: “War has always been a convenient human-shredder for the overclass. It has always been this way. …It’s a scam. It has always been a scam.” We’re reminded to consider who has always had a hand in orchestrating and profiting off wars: the powerful. Unfortunately, this isn’t immediately helpful. Just as the atom bomb changed the balance of power between nations of the world, network warfare, where dynamic super-national forces engage in a global civil war, the game has changed immensely. As super-wealthy cliques accrue wealth and power that rivals nations, governments themselves can easily become mere strategic objectives in larger games.

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