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Dr. Meryl Nass: An Extended Presentation on Bird Flu

No one has got bird flu from cooking or eating cooked chicken. No one has got the virus from eggs. No one has got the virus from milk or dairy products.  No one has got the virus from eating beef.   The virus was isolated in 1959 but there were no known human cases until 1997.

The first cases in 1997 occurred in Hong Kong. Interestingly, a month before Hong Kong was handed over to China by the British.

So what is the bird flu and why are they repeatedly trying to start a “pandemic” with it?  To answer these questions, on Friday, Dr. Meryl Nass gave a presentation on 27 years of bird flu narratives and vaccines.

Dr. Nass is a physician and researcher who proved that the world’s largest anthrax epidemic, in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), was due to biological warfare.  She had her license suspended for prescribing covid medications that worked. She posts invaluable information on her Substack page ‘Meryl’s Covid Newsletter’ and the website ‘Door to Freedom’.

In a presentation through ‘Reality with Bruce de Torres’, Dr. Nass went over the history of bird flu, the many things that don’t make sense in the narrative and how we may already be in another plandemic.  Selected quotes below from the presentation re as follows:

“Under 500 humans are said to have died from H5N1 bird flu, around the world, since 1997.”

“US-paid scientists have been making bird flu viruses more contagious, more deadly and more infectious for humans since at least 2011.”

“At least 2 licensed bird flu vaccines may be deadly; what about the rest?”

“Jeremy Farrar has stoked fear of bird flu viruses for 20 years, along with others. This seems to have been part of a plan, for which his projects are now cashing in.”

“Jeremy Farrar is now the Chief Scientist at WHO, pushing for globalising the use of unlicensed, fast-tracked vaccines with no liability, in drafts of the IHR and pandemic treaty.”

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