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Labour’s “New Britain” Stuns With its Incompetence

It is an interesting dilemma as to whether, if you are going to be ruled by a Government to whom you are politically opposed, it is better for that Government to be competent or incompetent. Good governance is a virtue in itself. But a competent Government can also do lamentable things much more expediently than an incompetent one if it has the wrong aims or objectives. It may in the end be better to be governed by a buffoon than a genius if either way they are going to be motivated by dangerous ideas – although really of course it is a distinction along the lines of the difference between being stabbed or shot. All things considered, one of those options is probably slightly better than the other, but both are going to hurt and the only thing to hope for in either scenario is that the wound won’t be fatal or turn gangrenous and necrotise.

I had call to reflect on these matters recently while reading the Labour Party’s now somewhat infamous ‘A New Britain: Renewing Our Democracy and Rebuilding Our Economy‘. This document, a report of something called the Commission on the U.K.’s Future (set up by Sir Keir Starmer after becoming Labour leader) was issued in 2022, but is now being read with serious attention for more or less the first time as it became clear that a Labour Government was imminent. In brief, the idea is more or less to create a written constitution for the U.K. in all but name, through the passing of a New Britain Act (a “constitutional statute” – more on that in a future post, perhaps) that would reform the House of Lords, devolve power to regional and devolved assemblies, entrench new social and economic rights, provide a mission statement for the United Kingdom and so on.

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