Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 7 July 2024

Has it dawned yet that politics is a diversional cul-de-sac to trick you into giving your power to the latest front man for the Global Cult? Starmer gets 63% of MPs with 34% of the vote. What would happen if 63% of the population instead of voting in a rigged system refused to cooperate with their own enslavement? Refused to obey the laws and dictatorship designed to enslave them and their kids? The System could not function Instead people make a cross for a Cult stooge and then complain for five years until they vote for another one. Meanwhile the Cult agenda for dystopia goes on its merry way.

I see people say ‘vote Reform!’ because Farage could be prime minister! He’s just another System stooge, albeit a lot less extreme than Starmer, and the System is rigged anyway to block anyone who is genuine, even if they were elected. If you pick the wrong ‘leader’ the Cult-owned banks kick in to create economic mayhem until you submit to their choice (see Truss and Sunak). Politics has got us where we are today with a ‘leader’ so owned by the Cult that its agenda is going to be on steroids in the UK. And still I see the hijacked ‘alternative’ MAM saying ‘we’re winning’ as they support Trump in their obsession with politics as if that is going to change anything fundamentally. It’s like watching kids in pre-school (with apologies to the kids). WE have to impact on our destiny by putting down the fault-lines of political, cultural and religious ‘sides’ and realise that we all face the same force of evil – a force that created politics to divert us from seeing a simple truth: 8 billion people (67 million in the UK) cannot be controlled and enslaved by a comparative handful unless WE stand aside and are divided and ruled into allowing it. The demons are now at the door and it’s creaking. Time for backbone, time for balls, time to do what humanity should have done aeons ago – stand for fairness, justice and freedom for all people (yes, even those we disagree with) and accept nothing, NOTHING, less. Time to come together in common cause. If we don’t, then a dark, dark, age is upon us.

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