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Loveless Landslide: Starmer’s ‘Meh-jority’ Slammed as Most Distorted Election Ever as Just 20% of Eligible Voters Cast Ballot for Party That Now Controls 64% of Parliament

In what has been dubbed a ‘loveless landslide’ and ‘meh-jority’, Sir Keir Starmer has entered Downing Street following an election that delivered the most distorted outcome in British electoral history. Starmer’s Labour won just 33.8% of the vote, far less than Jeremy Corbyn’s 40% when he lost to Theresa May in 2017 and just 1.7% up on Corbyn’s 2019 loss to Boris Johnson. Despite winning just a third of the popular vote on the lowest turnout since the arrival of universal suffrage at 59.9%, Starmer secured 412 seats – 63.4% of the total – for a majority of 174. It means just 20% of eligible voters – one in five – cast a ballot for the party that now controls nearly two thirds of Parliament and can make laws with little opposition.

According to the Telegraph, the 30 point gap between the popular vote and seat share makes this “the most skewed result ever, far outpacing the previous 22 point gap recorded in 2001 under Tony Blair”.

It means Labour received only 700,000 more votes than Corbyn in 2019 but managed to pick up more than 200 more seats.

The Conservatives’ vote share plummeted by 19.9 points to 23.7%, earning the party 121 seats, just 18.6% of the total.

Reform garnered 4.1 million votes with 14.2% – not far off half Labour’s tally – but won just five seats.

The distortion is clear when you look at votes per seat, depicted below, with Reform needing around 800,000 votes per seat, 34 times the 24,000 Labour required.

The Right was particularly hobbled by the non-proportional voting system this time round, as shown below.

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