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Keir’s ‘super meh-jority’: Starmer turns Britain red in brutal night for the Tories but it’s dubbed ‘a loveless landslide’ after Labour’s huge Commons majority was won with barely a third of the vote share and less than Blair (or even Corbyn) achieved

Sir Keir Starmer was this morning basking in a massive general election win following a brutal night for Rishi Sunak’s Tories – but Labour’s victory is being dubbed a ‘loveless landslide’ and a ‘super meh-jority’.

With nearly all constituencies having declared their results, Labour were found to have won barely one in three votes across the UK.

Polling experts highlighted how Labour’s vote share of 33.8 per cent is likely to be less than any of Sir Tony Blair‘s general election victories in 1997, 2001 or 2005.

It is even less than the 40 per cent vote share hard-left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn secured in 2017 and lower than the 36.1 per cent David Cameron got for the Conservatives in 2010 when that year’s election ended in a hung parliament.

Some newly-elected Labour MPs suggested the public will be thinking about overhauling Britain’s voting system in the wake of the party’s triumph, while Corbyn’s allies swiped that Sir Keir had won ‘by default’ due to the dramatic collapse in Conservative support.

The catastrophic decline in Tory votes saw the party slump to their lowest ever number of MPs and left Mr Sunak facing his final hours as Prime Minister.

Mr Sunak has flown back to London from his Yorkshire constituency, where he conceded that Sir Keir has won and issued a grovelling apology in a shell-shocked speech.

The premier will return to Downing Street, where he is expected to say a few valedictory words before heading to see the King and formally resign.

In an ironic full-circle moment, rain is falling in Westminster – echoing the miserable start to Mr Sunak’s ill-fated gamble, when he was drenched while announcing the snap election.

Sir Keir will follow Mr Sunak into Buckingham Palace, before returning to enter the famous black door of No10.

The traditional choreography comes as Labour’s majority ticks up to 170, just short of Blair’s 179 in 1997, with just a few seats left to declare. The Tories look to be struggling to reach 130 MPs, easily worse than their previous nadir of 156 in 1906.

The Lib Dems also inflicted massive pain on the Tories, racking up a record 71 seats as Reform leeched millions of votes and came second in around a hundred constituencies – but only scored four MPs of their own.

Sir Keir trumpeted his victory at a rally in central London after the party formally crested the 325 seats needed to control the Commons, saying ‘we did it!’

Sealing his triumph by embracing wife Victoria, he said the British people had ‘voted to turn the page’ on 14 years of Conservative rule – and delivered a riposte to his critics saying there was ‘nothing inevitable’ about the outcome.

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