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‘Celebrities’ who don’t know their arse from their elbow: Lily Allen, Gary Neville and Carol Vorderman lead smug celebrity social media posts rejoicing Labour landslide from a minority of the vote

Smug Left-wing luvvies were out in force this morning to gloat about the Tories‘ crushing election defeat.

That was despite the Labour party’s vote share only increasing so far by a measly 1.6 per cent.

Arch-cheerleader Carol Vorderman led celebrations on social media alongside a slew of celebrities who all wanted their moment in the limelight after Labour’s landslide.

From failed football manager Gary Neville, who has a net worth of £70million, to outspoken foot fetish model and actress Lily Allen, who sold her £4.2million Cotswold mansion to live in a posh townhouse with a £9,000 Ralph Lauren chandelier in a leafy New York neighbourhood, leftie champions crawled out to scoff at the results.

Sir Elton John‘s husband David Furnish also waded into affairs with a sarcastic comment about Jacob Rees-Mogg losing his seat. Furnish lives with Rocket Man singer Elton John across their £70million property portfolio that includes three LA mansions and a summerhouse in Nice.

Elton John – who threw his support behind Sir Keir Starmer during the election campaign – has a net worth of around £260million and owns a £29million yacht and £9million private jet.

Former Countdown human calculator Vorderman exploded into a vicious tirade against the Tories on Channel 4 before shuffling to social media to show off her glee.

Following the results of the bombshell exit poll, Vorderman bellowed ‘I think we should get the party started’, as she appeared on Channel 4‘s TV election coverage.

She told Channel 4: ‘Everybody out there is thinking: no more of the lies, the deceit, the corruption.’

Posting on X on Friday morning, she added: ‘Johnny Mercer gone. Jacob Rees Mogg gone. Gillian Keegan gone. Tories we don’t have to endure anymore. Here’s to a new chapter. You are all AMAZING.’

Vorderman also posted a mocking video captioned: ‘POV [point of view]: The Labour Party have just won a landslide in the election.’

Bursting out of a door marked Dressing Room, Vorderman mouthed to a voiceover: ‘Oh my God, ok it’s happening. Everyone stay calm.’

Bumping into two women carrying bundles of paper she was met by Guardian columnist Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, who continued: ‘Everyone stay calm. Stay [bleep] calm!’

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