Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 5 July 2024

Climate News – July 2024

In the Trump Biden debate ‘climate change’ was hardly mentioned

CNN described it as causing extreme heat, wildfires etc. Biden said it was an existential issue and he had halved ‘pollution’, while Trump claimed he withdrew from the Paris Agreement because it was ripping off the US.

The Trump campaign confirmed he would again leave the Paris Agreement.

Trump later said:

“the thing that’s an existential threat is not global warming where the ocean will rise, maybe 1/8 of an inch in the next 497 years.”

The US Supreme Court has overturned the 1984 Chevron deference, which deemed departmental experts to be better interpreters of legislation than courts.

The 1981 ruling led to increased stringency, for example on emissions from power plants, which would likely accelerate their closure. The change’s outcome is uncertain but Francis Menton concludes, “the end of Chevron is good news for those resisting the growth of the government.” 

Anticipating a ‘net zero’-obsessed UK Labour government, firms are already shelving oil and gas activity in the North Sea. This is notwithstanding a surge (regretted by the propagandistic International Energy Agency) in oil and gas investment. 

Britain’s Supreme Court rejected a proposed new oil well, on grounds that the local authority approving it had not taken into account its effect on ‘climate change’ as required by Britain’s acceptance of the Aarhus Convention.

This will likely prevent any new ‘fossil fuel’ development and is unlikely to be overturned by an incoming Labour Government.

Germany’s constitutional court is requiring large budget cuts. Research institutes have warned against cutting energy research funding. They claim this could bring a “massive decline in German industry’s ability to innovate in technologies for the energy transition.”

Lufthansa, like Air France, is raising fares specifically to cover new EU environmental rules.

The outcome of the EU elections saw the Centre Left led by Von der Leyen remaining in charge. But major gains were made by right of centre parties hostile to ‘carbon’ taxes and the Paris Agreement.

Following a loss of competitiveness due to energy costs, Spiked considers the aftermath will result in German politics shifting away from ‘net zero’. The Christian Democrats (the largest party) has already embraced nuclear.

The success of the “right” in France destroyed the ruling Macronist dominance causing the President to call a general election. In Italy, Prime Minister Meloni confirmed her authority. 

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