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The Murdoch Sun backs Starmer and the next prime minister (God help us) says it’s because Labour is ‘back in the service of working people.’ So the Murdochs care about working people? This will go down well in Liverpool. No, mate, the Sun backs whoever the Cult backs – see Thatcher and Blair

The Sun yesterday came out with a last-minute endorsement of Sir Keir Starmer, leading to condemnation from readers and in Labour heartlands.

The eleventh hour decision, as polls pointed to a record defeat for the Tories, was branded ‘sickening’ in Liverpool, a Labour stronghold which has shunned the paper since the Hillsborough disaster.

Hours before the country went to the polls, the red top tabloid said the Conservatives had become a ‘divided rabble, more interested in fighting themselves than running the country’, claiming it was ‘time for a change’.

Sir Keir said he was ‘delighted’ to have received the backing of The Sun, claiming: ‘I think that shows just how much this is a changed Labour Party, back in the service of working people.’

And Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting welcomed the endorsement of the paper following 15 years of backing the Tories, posting on X – formerly Twitter – that ‘the Sun is shining on Labour’.

But readers slammed the endorsement as ‘blatant opportunism’, accusing the paper of ‘selling out’.

It also sparked fury in Liverpool, where a widespread boycott has been in place due to its coverage of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster in which 97 football fans died – and an angry repudiation from supporters groups.

Alan Gibbons, a former Labour councillor, said it was a ‘very sad day for the Labour Party’.

‘A lot of Labour supporters in Liverpool will be incredibly disaffected and disappointed to find the party welcoming the Sun’s endorsement,’ said Mr Gibbons, who was secretary of Walton Constituency Labour Party until 2020.

‘Keir Starmer should have said “Thanks but no thanks”.’

Mr Gibbons – now campaigning for an independent socialist candidate after Labour expelled him – added: ‘I find it sickening that Wes Streeting can accept the Sun’s endorsement when he knows the impact the paper’s lies have had on the people of Liverpool.’

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