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Political Clones: Why Do Our Uniparty Politicians All Look and Sound Exactly the Same These Days? Because they are ultimately controlled by the same force to the same end

If you had some kind of a PR problem, would you go to this man looking for help?

This is a genuine advert which appeared in the Herald, a Zimbabwean newspaper, in 1994. You would have thought that, all things considered, having the name “Adolf Hitler” would be seen as being some kind of major PR problem in and of itself, but apparently not. After all, a man with that very same name once famously won a major election back in 1930s Germany, didn’t he?

There are a few other contemporary politicians around the world also called Hitler, who were christened thus by misguided parents who wished to make them stand out from the crowd. In Indonesia, there is Hitler Nababan, who sells himself as “a different kind of Hitler” who “never killed people” (at least as far as we know). In India, there is Adolf Lu Hitler Rangasa Marak, who claims he lacks “dictatorial tendencies” entirely, as demonstrated by him happily running fully democratic campaigns in the past against electoral rivals with such equally memorable monikers as Frankenstein Momin and Billykid Sangma.

The thing is, during tomorrow’s July 4th General Election here in the U.K., I suspect there will be a very large number of voters who themselves feel they have been stitched up with a real zugzwang choice at the polls between three correspondingly unappealing mainstream party leaders, in terms of Hitler Starmer, Frankenstein Sunak and Billy the Kid Davey. As I have argued in my regular Takimag column this week, this really is the U.K.’s ‘None of the Above’ election, one in which, if that particular refusenik option were to actually appear on the ballot-paper, would win hands-down.

The major problem is that, when it comes to manifesto promises, the differences between the Pseudo-Labour and Pseudo-Conservative Parties are slim indeed, especially in relation to things like environmental policy, where it is very much a case of “Net Zero – but a little bit faster” with one, and “Net Zero – but a little bit slower” with the other. Where’s the option reading “No Net Zero At All”? Nowhere, obviously: that kind of genuinely meaningful voter-choice can never be allowed.

Sir Keir Stürmer

When it comes to the Uniparty of total Blairite consensus that has governed us nearly uninterrupted since 1997/Year Zero, most MPs on either side are essentially clones of one another – pure political lookalikes, in fact. Rishi Sunak is really just Keir Starmer in brownface; and, conversely, Keir Starmer is really just Rishi Sunak in whiteface. And both are really just Justin Trudeau in either.

Talking of this very issue, here’s one quite uncanny political doppelgänger whose existence has, I believe, never previously been noticed. Upon the evidence of the official party photographs reproduced below, there is an alarming physical resemblance to be found between General Hans Kammler, the leading SS engineer and war-criminal responsible for designing Auschwitz and taking charge of certain elements of the late-war German armaments industry, and the current Führer of the Labour Party, whose real name must actually be Sir Keir Stürmer. (Alternatively maybe Kammler was just Starmer’s secret dad – he was famously a qualified high-precision toolmaker, after all.

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