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The Growing Power of the ‘Muslim Vote’

The 2024 General Election is probably the first time that we have seen an Islamic agenda openly influencing an election in the U.K.

This influence is seen clearly in the extent to which parties and candidates are keen to present themselves as supportive of Palestinians in the Gaza conflict. There is also a concerted campaign to get Muslims voting on Islamic issues.

Muslim votes may swing marginal constituencies

The Henry Jackson Society has released a report showing that Islam is the largest minority religion in 129 of the 220 most marginal seats in the General Election. That’s 58.6% of the marginal seats. A marginal seat is one where the margin of victory is expected to be no more than 10% of the electorate. There are 220 marginal seats in this election which is just over a third (33.8%) of all available seats.

Islam is the largest religious minority in more than half of the marginal seats currently held by the Conservatives (98 out of 176, or 55.6%). Islam is also the largest minority religion in all the marginal seats currently held by Labour (three out of three, or 100%).

The Henry Jackson Society website, has a helpful table showing the Muslim population in each constituency.

In 2011, Muslims represented 10% or more of the population in 82 constituencies. Today, they represent 10% or more of the population in 120 constituencies.

In 2011, Muslims represented 25% or more of the population in 21 constituencies. Today it is 30 constituencies.

Muslims now represent 50% or more of the population in four constituencies.

Support for a state of Palestine

Polling carried out in April this year found that British Muslims are more likely to have a positive view of Hamas than a negative one. Only one in four British Muslims believe Hamas committed murder and rape in Israel on October 7th 2023. Almost half of British Muslims feel more sympathy with Hamas than with Israel.

One in four British Muslims (25%) name the Israel-Palestine conflict as their most important election issue, compared with just 3% of the public. In the Rochdale by-election in February, George Galloway overturned a Labour majority by running an explicitly pro-Palestine campaign. After winning, Galloway said in his victory speech: “Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza.” In the May local elections, pro-Palestine candidates were victorious in areas with high Muslim populations.

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