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Bird Flu Summit: The pandemic-vaccine industry is gathering for a second time to push for bird flu vaccinations

The second international Bird Flu Summit is taking place in a few months.  It is proclaimed to be a global event that brings together experts, innovators and stakeholders to address the pressing concerns surrounding avian influenza. The summit aims to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange to combat the spread of bird flu and its impact on human and animal health, as well as the global economy.

In line with the World Health Organisation’s vision, the conference is taking a One Health approach.  The outcome of the first Bird Flu Summit was that vaccination is a critical tool to mitigate the spread of bird flu.  We can expect the outcome of the second to be the same.  

The First International Avian Influenza Summit was held on 16-17 October 2023, at the University of Arkansas, USA, with a focus on research, policy, and industry collaboration. At the gathering, 23 speakers made presentations over the two days and 1,842 people registered as participants from 81 countries.

Announcing the 2023 Summit the University of Arkansas quoted Guillermo Tellez-Isaias, research professor for the Centre of Excellence for Poultry Science and the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, who chaired the organising committee for the summit. He said the event was to address the effects of highly pathogenic avian influenza (“HPAI”) which has “wreaked havoc on the poultry industry worldwide since the latest outbreak began in 2022.”  And so, the fear-mongering stage was set for a pandemic, that never was but, that nevertheless needed action.

“This groundbreaking summit, set to take place in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA, on 16-17 October 2023, promises to be a significant milestone in the global efforts to combat Avian Influenza. Through the convergence of leading experts, innovators, and stakeholders worldwide, we aim to forge new frontiers in research, policy, and industry collaboration,” the welcoming address to the Summit participants stated.

The welcoming statement continued: “Together, we will explore the latest advancements in avian influenza research, surveillance strategies, vaccination initiatives, and emergency response protocols. Moreover, this summit provides a vital platform for fostering collaborations between academia, industry, government agencies, and non-governmental organisations.”

Unsurprisingly, vaccination was identified at the Summit as a critical component in the fight against bird flu. The outcome of the 2023 Summit was an article titled ‘Vaccination against highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI): From opposition to acceptance’, co-authored by Awad A. Shehata and Tellez-Isaias.

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