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Major Medical Journal Publishes Article Showing Negative Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines

I don’t like to say things are huge, but this is huge. As promised, my own little article on COVID-19 vaccine negative effectiveness (where the jab increases one’s chance of Covid infection, hospitalisation and even death) has been published in a major medical journal, the Australian Journal of General Practice. Published by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, AJGP is literally the medical journal for general practitioners (family doctors) in Australia. Also discussed in what became an epic and frank discussion amongst several Australian health professionals are vaccine injuries and ‘Long Covid’ potentially being ‘long jab’.

This all started with Tindle’s article in AJGP earlier this year, which contained scarcely believable quotable quotes like: “Because COVID-19 vaccines were approved without long-term safety data and might cause immune dysfunction, it is perhaps premature to assume that past SARS-CoV-2 infection is the sole common factor in long Covid.” He declared that “COVID-19 vaccination per se might contribute to Long Covid, giving rise to the colloquial term ‘Long Vax(x)’”, since the “spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 exhibits pathogenic characteristics and is a possible cause of post-acute sequelae after SARS-CoV-2 infection or COVID-19 vaccination”. Not to mention the “class switch to IgG4 antibodies”, which Tindle thinks could lead to autoimmunity and cancer.

With the editorial team apparently happy to publish on the jab potentially causing immune dysfunction, I thought this could be my chance to once again bring up negative effectiveness in a major medical journal. Indeed, it accepted, and here is what I spoke about:

  • I cite several articles apparently displaying some sort of COVID-19 vaccine negative effectiveness, including one published by NEJM, another published in a Lancet journal and the little discussion involving myself in the BMJ. In the worst cases, the vaccines’ effectiveness drops to zero, and even turns negative, within mere months.
  • I cited the JECP4 articles, which show “that issues with counting windows have likely led to exaggerations of COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and safety estimates, for both the clinical trials and later observational studies”.
  • I also pointed to Fürst et al., a recent study revealing “strong evidence for the healthy vaccinee effect”, countering any excuse involving the idea that sicker people are the ones getting vaccinated. A pretty silly excuse anyway, since most adults took the jab.
  • I conclude: “All this makes it plausible that the COVID-19 vaccines have always had an effectiveness that was very low, zero, or even negative, with inadequate methods allowing for a highly exaggerated effectiveness initially – an exaggeration that is lessened with time. It is, as Professor Tindle noted, possible that the vaccines could be causing immunosuppression. With the ubiquitousness of the vaccines, and the fact that some vaccine mandates are still in place, to say nothing of the upcoming Senate inquiry into excess mortality, I suggest we investigate this further.”

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