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Head teacher awarded over £100,000 after she was sacked and accused of assault for tapping her own toddler son’s hand when he was playing with a bottle of hand sanitiser

A primary school headmistress who was sacked and accused of assault after tapping her own toddler’s hand while he played with a bottle of hand sanitiser has been awarded more than £100,000.

Shelly-Ann Malabver-Goulbourne was trying to get her three-year-old to stop playing with the bottle in her office when she used two fingers to attract his attention, an employment tribunal heard.

The incident was witnessed by the teacher in charge of child safety who accused her of hurting her son and filed an official complaint. Police officers were called in and the head was suspended.

Despite the police ruling that her actions were ‘reasonable chastisement’ by a parent, Ms Malabver-Goulbourne, 46, was found guilty of gross misconduct and sacked.

Yet an employment judge concluded there was no evidence that she had committed ‘physical chastisement or an assault’ and ruled her dismissal unfair.

Now, she has won £102,328 in compensation following her unfair dismissal case.

Ms Malabver-Goulbourne was the head of Northwold Primary School in Hackney, east London which is run by the Arbor Academy Trust, where she had been a teacher for ‘many years’.

She first joined in 2005 as a teacher before being promoted to the head of the school in 2017.

The incident that led to her sacking took place on January 17, 2022, the tribunal heard, when Ms Malabver-Goulbourne was working late in her office.

‘It was around 6.20pm and [Ms Malabver-Goulbourne] was packing up her things to go home after having a meeting with Ms Bhagwandas, the designated lead for safeguarding,’ the hearing was told.

‘[Her] two children who attended the school were in her offices with her, waiting for her to take them home. [Her] youngest child, her son J, who was 3 years old at the time, was in the room, as was her 11-year-old daughter.

‘J took up a bottle of hand sanitiser which was on a table. [Her] daughter told her that he had squirted some to the floor. [Ms Malabver-Goulbourne] took the sanitiser out of his hand.’

Employment Judge Julia Jones said: ‘I find it likely that she then bent down to his level to speak to him about why he should not be playing with hand sanitiser.

‘When she did so he turned his face away from her and she tapped him with two fingers on the back of his hand to get his attention, so that he would look at her to hear what she was saying.’

Two weeks earlier the toddler had got hand sanitiser in his eye, the tribunal heard.

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