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When It Comes to Discussing Lockdown, Politicians Are on Mute

The real conspiracy of silence in this election is on the pandemic, says Liam Halligan in the Telegraph. Here’s an excerpt:

Back in June 2021 as the U.K. began to emerge from the long months of lockdown, I interviewed one of the world’s leading epidemiologists, Jay Bhattacharya, for the Telegraph’s Planet Normal podcast.

The Stanford-based Professor of Medicine told me that lockdowns “will be seen as the single biggest public health mistake in history”.

At a time when all the U.K.’s main political parties backed lockdown vehemently, with Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer and Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP incessantly calling for Covid-related restrictions to be even more punitive, Bhattacharya’s words were not universally welcomed.

On the contrary, his efforts to promote “targeted shielding” – helping the elderly and others with medical conditions that make them particularly vulnerable to Covid, while letting the rest of us get on with our lives – were widely dismissed as irresponsible.

Even in that climate, when to question lockdown was to face social ostracism, Bhattacharya was warning of the “enormous collateral consequences” of keeping people inside and isolating them from their loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic. He was supported by two more top epidemiologists – Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University and Martin Kulldorff, then of Harvard. …

I’m shocked – but hardly surprised – that the U.K.’s lockdown policies have been barely discussed during this election campaign.

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