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Parents Fury As West End Cast Member Holds Up Pro-Transgender Placard

Disney’s West End musical Frozen sparked outcry when a cast member displayed a pro-transgender sign during a ‘family-friendly’ Pride Month performance. The Mail has the story.

At the end of Friday night’s performance, a male member of the cast walked on stage with a sign that read “Protect Trans Youth With Your Vote” along with LGBTQ+ bunting, which included the trans flag.

Critics said that the stunt was inappropriate given the number of young children in the audience at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

Miriam Cates, the Tory candidate for Penistone and Stocksbridge, said: “The best way to protect children who identify as ‘trans’ is to keep them away from adults who lie to them by telling them they have been born in the wrong body and encourage them to do irreversible damage to their bodies.”

She added: “It’s concerning that a family performance has been used to push such harmful ideology…

“Sadly a Labour Government would make it easier to change gender, putting children at risk.”

Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp, an NHS GP and broadcaster, called for a boycott of the show.

On X, she wrote: “Narcissistic, misogynistic people who have no care or empathy for women or children. Don’t go and see this musical.”

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