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Man Accused of Setting Up ‘Evil Twin’ WiFi at Airports

By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff

After the arrest of a man accused of setting up “evil twin” WiFi networks in multiple airports to steal people’s data, police in Australia warned the public about using free networks. Perth resident Michael Clapsis, 42, appeared in a court in the city Friday and was granted bail on nine cybercrime charges, WA Today reports. He was arrested in April after an airline employee raised concerns about a suspicious network that appeared during a domestic flight, reports the Guardian. Investigators searched his baggage at Perth Airport and seized equipment including a portable wireless device, 9 News reports.

The Australian Federal Police allege that Clapsis set up free WiFi networks that mimicked real ones during flights and in locations including airports in Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne. “When people tried to connect their devices to the free WiFi networks, they were taken to a fake webpage requiring them to sign in using their email or social media logins,” police said. “Those details were then allegedly saved to the man’s devices.” Clapsis allegedly used the logins to access personal information including stored images and bank details, reports WA Today.

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