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Labour’s Private School Tax Raid “Likely Illegal”

Keir Starmer’s planned VAT raid on private schools is likely to breach human rights law because it singles out private education for the levy, a senior lawyer has said. The Telegraph has the story.

The Labour leader risks falling foul of European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) law over his party’s flagship policy, one of Britain’s top constitutional and human rights lawyers has warned.

Lord Pannick, who has taken on some of the U.K.’s most high-profile court cases, backed legal advice warning that making private schools subject to VAT was likely to breach ECHR law.

He told the Telegraph: “It would be strongly arguable that for a new government to impose VAT on independent schools would breach the right to education.

“That is because all other educational services will remain exempt from VAT and the charging of VAT on independent schools alone is designed to impede private education, and will have that effect.”

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