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German Foreign Office Pressured Embassy Officials to Grant Visas to Thousands of ‘Refugees’ With Forged Passports

Today, I invite you to follow me down a little mass migration rabbit hole. We will investigate a small part of the machinery that is bringing the migrants to Germany, in all of its utter bizarreness, and at the end we will speculate briefly about why all of this strange stuff is happening.

Our point of departure is this little story that broke a few days ago:

The offices of the public prosecutor in Berlin and Cottbus are investigating officials from the Foreign Ministry under Annalena Baerbock (Green Party). These officials are alleged to have instructed employees in German embassies and consulates to authorise applicants with incomplete or obviously forged documents to enter Germany. …

According to reports, several thousand people are said to have travelled to Germany with bad papers over the past five years. The majority of them are reported to have then applied for asylum.

According to the report, the holders of the doctored papers are said to come primarily from Syria, Afghanistan and Turkey, but also from Pakistan and various African countries. The Berlin public prosecutor’s office confirmed the investigation.

Articles like this are written to be as bland and uninteresting as possible, and I can sense your impatience already. Who cares about this, Eugyppius? We all know that corruption in the mass migration machinery must be truly prodigious.

It gets more interesting, I promise.

The prosecutors’ investigations were triggered by a series of investigative reports conducted by the news magazine Cicero last year. After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in 2021, the German Foreign Office began working closely with various NGOs to make it as easy as possible for Afghans to leave their country and enter Germany. Cicero wanted to know how this assisted migration worked on the ground, and in this way it uncovered the astounding case of Mohammed G. and his alleged brother, Khan G.

Khan, who has been living in Germany since 2014, wanted to use legal provisions for family reunification to bring his brother Mohammed to join him. In October 2022, he ended up pleading his case before the Berlin Administrative Court, with the assistance of an immigration law firm:

The story that [Khan] told… was heartbreaking. He said his 14 year-old brother had fled from Afghanistan to neighbouring Pakistan and was living on the streets. He was suffering from an eye injury, Khan said, because he had been hit by shrapnel from a bomb. He now needed medication, but as he was in Pakistan illegally and had no papers, he could not see a doctor.

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