Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 28 June 2024

Patrick O’Carroll – Ten Coups That Enslaved America

Most people, and in particular most Americans, are unaware that the USA suffered at least a dozen COUPS D’ÉTAT, launched by the London-based “Illuminati”, and that the USA is still a colony of the British Empire today.
The USA was free for only 75 GOLDEN YEARS, from 1796 (signing of the Jay Treaty) until 1871. Apart from those 75 GOLDEN YEARS, the USA was, and still remains, “THE LAND OF THE FREE RANGE SLAVE”.
 #1:       1812-36: The war of 1812-15 and the Second Bank of the United States
Following British interference with US trade, and impressments of Americans into the British Navy, the young USA invaded British Canada. But Britain burned the White House and may well have won if it had not been distracted in Europe by Napoleon. However, the Zionist House of Rothschild succeeded in giving the USA its first central bank in 1816. It was called the Second Bank of the United States but US President Andrew Jackson vetoed the renewal of its charter in 1836. Overall, this episode ended as a failed coup d’état. But “Team Antichrist” did not give up, and the Rothschilds sent their manservant August Belmont to help instigate “the Panic of 1837” hoping to return the USA to total control by London. Belmont even succeeded in becoming a financial “advisor” to the US president.
 #2:       1861-68: The US Civil War and the 14th Amendment
The US Civil War was a successful coup d’état by the Zionist House of Rothschild, which indebted and enslaved both the Union and the Confederacy. In 1868, the 14th Amendment transformed all Americans, whether black, white, or other, from sovereigns to slaves (subjects of the English monarch). Thus, the 14th Amendment was in fact the LAUNCH OF UNIVERSAL SLAVERY in the USA. But, because “Team Antichrist” is totally addicted to satanic inversion, it teaches the very opposite in the “education” system and in the official-“truth” “history” books.
#3:       1871: The Establishment of the US Corporation
Abraham Lincoln-Rothschild had helped his “Illuminati” relatives, the London Rothschilds, to prepare the way for setting up the US Corporation, but the Rothschilds still assassinated him because he kept the union and hence foiled their original plan for two separate Americas. The US Corporation was a successful coup d’état. It is still owned by the Bank of England, with most US taxes still “managed” by the City of London and used to finance artificial wars and financial “crises”. But because the main enslavement mechanisms also include a central bank and taxation (notably income tax), “Team Antichrist” still had more work to do to completely subjugate the USA.
 #4:       1913-17: The US Fed and the Great Media-Grab
The creation of the US Fed in 1913 was a successful coup d’état to establish a London-controlled central bank for the USA. The Fed and the Bank of England are owned and run by the same Jewish “Illuminati” bloodlines.
By 1917, the London-NY-Alliance got control of the US Mainstream Media (Congressional Record of 9 Feb 1917). This was very important to “Team Antichrist” as it urgently required this control before the USA’s entry into WW1.

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