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Green Party election candidate says Tories should be tried like Nazi war criminals at a ‘climate Nuremberg’ trial over failures to take stronger action on the environment

A Green Party election candidate likened Tories and other leading public figures to Nazi war criminals who should face a ‘climate Nuremburg’ for not taking strong enough environmental action.

Joe Taylor, who is standing in Battersea in south west London, made the analogy in an X tirade against Labour‘s Emily Thornberry in March.

He said Just Stop Oil were showing her ‘how to cancel your spot at the climate Nuremberg’, before adding that the Tories are ‘beyond help’ and have ‘already cast their die and booked their places at the climate Nuremberg’.

And he reportedly made similar remarks in an in-person hustings at the weekend.

The Nuremberg trials took place after the end of the Second World War, with senior Nazis held accountable for the horrors they inflicted on Europe. Ten senior members of Adolf Hitler’s regime were hanged and others were jailed.

When asked to comment on the most recent allegations by the Spectator magazine, Mr Taylor published their inquiry with a long thread of comments on X.

He did not deny making the remarks at the hustings, but suggested he was aiming his remarks at ‘fossil fuel executives’ and politicians like Nigel Farage.

‘There are several groups who are using international criminal law to seek the prosecution of those who cause mass death, mass suffering and annihilation of low-lying states through climate destruction, he added: ‘It must surely be only a matter of time before some of them are successful.’

He went on to say: ‘Once the fossil fuel industry is over, perhaps there could be something like the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which seemed to lead to very deep experiences and inner transformations. I believe in nonviolence, not in vengeance, so I would support this.

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