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Fake Meat Linked To Heart Attacks And Strokes

By Mac Slavo

Fake meat is an ultra-processed food, and as such, it has been linked to heart attacks and strokes in a new study. These plant-based foods are not fit for human consumption, but that won’t stop the mainstream media and rulers from trying to get us all to eat them anyway.

Recent headlines denounced plant-based fake meat (such as vegetarian sausages and textured vegetable protein) as unhealthy and claimed that their consumption is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and death. These “foods” are ultra-processed and about as far from natural as one could get. Eating fake meat is similar to eating a Cheeto. These aren’t really foods, but rather food-like products that they are attempting to get the masses addicted to.

Foods are described as ultra-processed when they undergo an industrial transformation that significantly alters the original ingredients. These foods have a long journey before reaching your plate. Pantry staples such as instant noodles and store-bought cookies typically undergo several stages of processing that unravel the internal architecture of their raw ingredients. They are then reassembled in a form that prioritizes convenience and taste—often with a mix of additives designed to enhance appearance and shelf life. A rule of thumb is to “think of a food you wouldn’t be able to prepare in your own kitchen,” either because of its chemical constituents or the industrial machinery needed to prepare it, says Evangeline Mantzioris, a researcher and dietician at the University of South Australia, who was not involved with the study. -Scientific American

The study found that the more ultra-processed foods people consumed, the more likely they were to have or die from heart disease—results that “weren’t really that surprising,” said Gunter Kuhnle, a nutritional epidemiologist at the University of Reading in England. However, the rulers and their puppets want the masses to eat highly processed “plant-based” foods in moderation, such as sugary foods or drinks and fake meat.

Remember, healing people isn’t profitable for the big pharmaceutical companies or the medical establishment; and healthy people certainly don’t need to rely on a system of rulers either. There is no incentive to make people healthy, and that should be overly apparent at this point in history. That’s why we are bombarded with bad information on health (such as taking an mRNA injection and eating fake meat) almost daily. Not to mention the ways that eating bugs is being propagandized.

No other animals heavily process their foods before consuming them and no other animals question what is their proper diet. No other animals are suffering from chronic disease on a massive scale or obesity either. Isn’t it interesting that humans, at the top of the food chain, are the most ignorant when it comes to diet and nutrition?

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