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The sharks want more of your money … Parking fines could double to £100 under new limits set by private firms

Parking penalties could double to £100 under new rules being introduced by the private car park industry.

A new code of practice from the British Parking Association and the International Parking Community (IPC) will cap parking penalty charges at double the level previously set by the Government.

Motoring organisations slammed the new self-regulation rules, with one saying officials should intervene to “protect innocent drivers from the sharks running private car parks”.

Coming into force from October, the new parking rules will establish a 10-minute grace period for motorists before they can be hit with penalties for failing to buy a ticket.

Under a legally binding government code of practice briefly issued in 2022, which was withdrawn following an outcry from the private parking industry, penalty charges were originally capped at £50.

While the new voluntary code includes a £100 cap on penalty fees, it does not restrict the amount that private parking companies can charge in debt recovery fees.

Will Hurley, the IPC’s chief executive, said: “This new code will create positive change across the UK, enhancing protection of the most vulnerable in society, whilst creating consistency and clarity for motorists and continuing to elevate standards across the sector.”

‘Lacks truly independent appeals body’

However, motoring organisations were less positive about the new self-regulatory rules than Mr Hurley.

They said the new code lacked a “truly independent” appeals body for challenging parking fines and also highlighted the lack of a cap on debt recovery fees.

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy for the AA, said it was “somewhat ironic” that after the parking industry’s 2022 pushback against the Government’s rules, private parking companies had decided to introduce their own.

“This watered down ‘code of practice’ falls far short of the standards the AA, Government and consumer groups have called for across many years,” Mr Cousens told The Telegraph.

“This self-authored ‘code’ doesn’t acknowledge the need to cap charges and remove debt recovery fees. These elements are desperately needed from a government-backed code to protect innocent drivers from the sharks running private car parks.”

Simon Williams, the RAC’s head of policy, said: “Drivers shouldn’t be fooled into thinking this so-called code developed by the private parking industry itself is the same as the long-delayed official Private Parking Code of Practice that is backed by legislation.”

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