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It’s a MAGAtha Christie mystery: Who used Trump Campaign spokesman’s name to edit VP frontrunner JD Vance’s abortion stance on his Wikipedia page?

It’s a political whodunnit that cuts across the nation’s culture wars just as the veepstakes reach fever pitch.

J.D. Vance‘s Wikipedia change was edited on Tuesday to bring his views on abortion more in line with those of former President Donald Trump, according to an online log of changes. But who was behind it?

The Ohio senator is one of the frontrunners to be named as Trump’s veep.

And the edit will only add to intense speculation that a decision has already been made given that the editor’s username was ‘Chuengsteven,’ a not very well-disguised reference to the Trump campaign’s chief spokesman Steven Cheung.

The user account was created on Tuesday morning and made one small tweak to Vance’s page.

‘He has also said that abortion laws can be set by states,’ was changed to: ‘He has more recently said that abortion laws should be set by states.’

It is a small but potentially significant change that could patch up a potential weakness of Vance’s when it comes to campaigning alongside Trump.

In the past he said he backed a national 15-week abortion ban but late last year (after Ohio voters supported protections for abortion) he admitted that most Americans did not support a blanket prohibition.

In contrast, Trump danced around the issue before finally announcing in April that restrictions should be left to the states.

The online tweak reduces differences between Vance and his potential boss, at least as far as Wikipedia users are concerned.

And then ‘Cheungsteven’ vanished.

But who was responsible? Was it a Vance loyalist doing clean-up on social media and trying to persuade the Trump campaign that their man is in lockstep with the former president?

Was it a Biden aide making mischief?

Or did Cheung, a veteran political operative, slip up by giving the game away?

No, he told

The original says Vance has indicated support for a federal abortion ban at 15 weeks. ‘He has also said that abortion can be set by the states,’ it continues.

The updated version also says he may support a federal ban but continues: ‘He has more RECENTLY said that abortion laws SHOULD BE set by the stats.’ A subtle but important change

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