Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 27 June 2024

Don’t Mention The Sabbateans – The Cult The Mainstream Alternative Media Won’t Mention by Richard Willett

There is one word you are unlikely to hear the likes of Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson or even Candice Owens mention whilst calling out the “Deep State” or “New World Order” and that is Sabbateanism.

It is also unlikely that they will be calling out the Kabbalah/Cabala anytime soon either, which is described as Jewish Mysticism and is the system of belief behind the likes of the Freemasons and many Secret Societies albeit a somewhat inverted and skewed version. To be more specific the real Satanic inversion of this system is known as the Lurianic Kabbalah.

Since Hamas were blatantly allowed to attack Israel on October 7th, as revealed in the recently leaked document “Detailed Raid Training From End To End” it is now fair game in the alternative media to expose Zionism and even the Israeli government for its crimes against humanity in Gaza. Some people even believe Candace Owens “exposed” the dancing Israelis of 9/11 which is absurd when researchers such as David Icke and Henry Makow were talking about this two decades ago.

But it is my view after a decade or so of research that political Zionism is merely a shop front and a shield (Red) to hide the mentality that can be seen in Sabbateanism, which truly runs the show on this early plane. Sabbateanism and it’s later incarnation Sabbatean Frankism is essentially Satanism wrapped in Jewish mysticism.


I am not claiming that this information is anything new, but it is interesting that the mainstream alternative media will likely never mention this death cult who have had such a huge impact on the world. The likes of Joe Rogan simply use the term Deep State which is straight from the rhetoric of Trump (who is a Rothschild asset bailed out by Wilbur Ross).

According to authors such as Henry Makow in his books “Illuminati The Cult That Hijacked The World” the Sabbateans sit along side Cabalist Freemasonry. I would suggest that we can add the Jesuits to this group who all ultimately serve a secret Brotherhood (Initiates of the Mystery Schools) and Black Nobility bloodlines that can be traced back to perhaps the Mayan mystery schools and Lumeria, or at least they believe they are.

Sabbateanism began with Sabbatai Zevi who was a Jewish mystic and Rabbi born in 1626 in Turkey. It is interesting to note that this Satanic death cult is said to have come out of the Caucasus Mountains after the biblical global cataclysm and that Northeastern Turkey is connected to the lesser Caucuses. Turkey is also where Ashkenazi Jews can trace their genetic origins from, and it is believed that Zevi was of Ashkenazi origins.

Sabbatai Zevi was nothing if not a great opportunists who realised that an opportunity had come to pass in 1666 when it was a “prophetic” moment to declare himself the Messiah. By 1666 Zevi had amassed a huge following of over one million followers as he arrived in Constantinople. It was here that he was imprisoned and given the choice of either death or converting to Islam, he chose to convert.

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