Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 26 June 2024

Richard … if this was 1970, even 1980, you would have a point. But it’s not – it’s 2024 which is a few years from the target year of 2030 and beyond. Even 2030 is optimistic. Therefore there is an urgency that doesn’t allow tiptoe steps. The very point I am making about the MAM is that it is slowing down the scale of awakening necessary and guiding people into another cul-de-sac

The irony is that the very fact that I don’t think that I am ‘all knowing’ is what constantly drives me on to know more while the MAM thinks it does know and that right-wing politics is all we need. That is why its focus is Trump or Farage and not the deep in the rabbit hole knowledge that will (a) let us see the real scale of human control and (b) where the true awakening and answers lie. Instead while the Global Cult agenda unfolds by the day the MAM goes on rearranging the deckchairs as the Titanic goes under. 
This is not I assure you an accident or coincidence.

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