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Pfizer Gets Sued Again. Why Is BioNTech Escaping Justice?

As discussed by Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson on the Daily Sceptic here, Kansas has become the second U.S. state, after Texas, to sue Pfizer for deceptive marketing statements in connection with “its” COVID-19 vaccine – and apparently several other states are to follow. But, firstly, what “marketing”? The drug in question was purchased by the U.S. Government and it was, above all, the Government, including state governments, which coerced and cajoled the public into taking it. It was not sold to individual customers.

And, secondly, Pfizer does not even have a COVID-19 vaccine. As I have shown over and over again, Pfizer is merely a contract manufacturer which produces said COVID-19 vaccine on behalf of the German firm BioNTech. BioNTech is the legal manufacture and ‘owner’ of the product. It should not have taken the Kansas Attorney General’s office any great effort of research to find this out, since the fact that Pfizer manufactures the drug on BioNTech’s behalf is clearly indicated on the product’s very packaging, as can be seen below.

If any pertinent misleading statements, perhaps indeed – let’s not mince words – outright fraudulent claims, were made, they would, of course, have been made in the authorisation process, not in any non-existent ‘marketing’. But here too, the exact same relationship of principal (BioNTech) and agent (Pfizer) exists as in the manufacturing process. Pfizer serves as BioNTech’s agent, as can be seen in the Biologics Licence Application below.

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