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Electric Vehicle Owners Ditch Battery Power as Majority Selling an EV Return to Petrol

Owners of electric cars are ditching battery power and returning to petrol as industry data show that a majority of those who sell an EV don’t buy a new one. The Telegraph has more.

Range anxiety, a lack of public charging points and limited incentives are the key factors behind the dwindling desire for electric motors.

Car dealership chain Motorpoint Group said the majority of electric vehicle (EV) owners who sold their car in the last year didn’t buy another one – opting instead for a petrol, diesel or hybrid model.

The trend is continuing in 2024, with the latest registration figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showing a 2% fall in EV uptake since last May.

Uptake is strong in the fleet market where volumes have risen 11% in the last year, as businesses continue to offer employee benefits such as salary sacrifice to take on an electric car.

But convincing the mass market to make the switch to battery power is proving a hard task.

The difficulty comes as the Government falls well short of its car charging infrastructure targets, while increased tax charges are coming into force from next year, forcing EV drivers to pay an extra £180 a year in vehicle excise duty.

Mark Carpenter, Chief Executive at Motorpoint, said consumer confidence in EVs has been “undoubtedly impacted” by a multitude of factors.

“It’s clear that some drivers have found an electric vehicle isn’t right for them,” he said.

“There doesn’t seem to be one reason for it – instead it tends to be a range of practical, financial and lifestyle factors that lead motorists to the decision.

“Until we see proper financial incentives for EV buyers from the Government to meet its 2035 target, along with greater investment in charging infrastructure, I’m concerned we’ll see more motorists turn their backs on electric vehicles.”

Statistics from Motorpoint show that only 30% of EV owners part-exchanging their car in the past year chose to buy another electric car, with 36% opting for petrol, 11% diesel and 23% hybrid.

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