Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 25 June 2024

It’s all so imbecilic you can only take the piss. My lawyer team created this poster for a Dutch ‘debate’ between me, the ‘Justice Minister’ who banned me from nearly 30 countries, and Dick ‘Spoof’, the ‘former’ head of Dutch intelligence who is soon to be the unelected Prime Minister thanks to ‘alternative’ hero Wilders

An appeal against my ban was delayed because they said there was currently no reason for me to go to the Netherlands and so this event was arranged. Please note that ‘Spoof’ and Yesilgoz are yet to confirm. It’s clear that these humourless tyrants want to extend my ban when it ends after two years in the autumn because they are clearly terrified of me. They say I am a threat to ‘democracy’ for exposing the illusion of ‘democracy’ – confirmed by an unelected intelligence chief becoming Prime Minister. 
The event is organised by a Jewish man who is part of my appeal team because of course I am an ‘antisemite’. The debate is on the use of ‘antisemitism’ as a weapon. 
You have got to laugh. Crying just encourages them.

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